Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Journey So Far #2: Steele's Overview

So, last week Penelope Grace told us all where she is in her "Writing Journey" and now it's my turn! I basically stole her outline and just put in my own information, Thanks Penelope!

Where I Am Right Now: Stuck inside my computer, help!

On a more serious note. Friendzone is currently being edited and revised, I'm actually still in the fairly early stages of this book. My brother(who is my first critique partner and reads everything I write) is reading it over and checking for grammar mistakes(there are always a lot) and then after I put those in I will hopefully be sending it to beta readers(including the awesome Penelope Grace). Basically, I still have a long way to go with this book but I'm excited to be working on it!

My Synopsis: For Friendzone(don't criticize me I just wrote this up!).

"So, you've all been there. The dreaded "friendzone". You're in love(or lust) with someone and they want to be just "friends". Well I'm tired of that, tired of hearing about his newest girlfriend and everything he wants in a girl when he's describing me. I've had enough, it's time for him to fall for me.
These are some of the thoughts going through Lily's mind the night she decides to change her life for the better. To make her perfect match happen. To finally get out of the "friendzone" and into a relationship. And she'll stop at nothing to get it."

This sounds more...intriguing and possibly murderous than it is. Mainly it's a fluffy YA Contemporary about Lily and Seth, two seventeen years olds stuck in the friendzone with their perfect matches, who come up with a five step plan to make their respective objects of affection fall in love with them. Simple, right? Not so much.

The Genres Of This Book: YA Contemporary, "chicklit", romance, comedy

My Goal: Well it's a little different with this book and maybe far fetched but I'm gonna try! So of course I'm hopeful and want to get published but the road to publication is awesome and filled with great people. However, I'm taking(or trying to) a slightly different route with this book. It's called Swoonreads and they have a program where you submit your YA romance novel(current deadline is Sep, 30th) and people read it. If they like it they vote on it and in some cases it leads to them signing that is something I am definitely looking into with this book if I have it finished before the deadline.

Besides that every day is one step closer! Or something like that!

Write on, write on. (and tell me in the comments about your current project!)

-Alex Steele

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