Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekly Muse #4: Steele's Swoon Worthy Male Celebs

Week 1: Penelope shared about songs she finds inspiring. Week 2: I shared some inspiring quotes. And last week Penelope shared her Swoon Worthy Male Celebs list, it was epic, she pointed out what kind of character they can inspire and their best features. This week I'm going to share my Swoon Worthy Male Celebs and we're going to be slightly less technical, 'kay? Just enjoy the pics.

1. Jamie Campbell Bower
Ummm...yeah. I'm not a big fan of Jace in Mortal Instruments but Jamie? Yes please. First look at that face! And those eyes! I'm not a big fan of piercings on guys but the pictures of him with his nose ring? He's the kind of guy nose rings were invented for. He also has pretty eyes and a nicely shaped face. AND, and, and, and, he sings! Like seriously look him up on YouTube, he will inspire some awesome rocker boy characters! Also, he totally pulls off the long hair.

(Perfect as Rocker Boy)

2. Ansel Elgort
Oh, Augustus. He is the perfect boy next door, tousled hair, and that perfect teasing smile, soft brown(?) eyes. I don't know what else to say, but he looks kind and the boy next door. Also, I love his voice.

(Perfect as Boy Next Door or The Killer You Never Suspected)

3. Jensen Ackles 
So Penelope included Jared Padalecki(Sam from Supernatural) on her list, she loves the younger him and I totally though he looks a bit like a creepy stalker, just saying. And between Sam and Dean from Supernatural I have to go with Dean...Jensen Ackles is beautiful...he just is. And look at his teasing melts my heart.

(Perfect as The Bad Boy character whose actually sweet)

4. Sam Clafin 
Finnick...I love Finnick in Hunger Games and Sam plays the perfect Finnick, excuse me while I swoon. I love his bone structure and his eyes, I'm a sucker for eyes of all colors and shapes and sizes.
(Perfect as The Actual Bad Boy character who maybe sometimes has a sweet moment or the villain who falls for the main character and is still evil but you secretly like him because...his eyes.)

5. Tom Sturridge 
It's okay if you don't know who he is, I know him from this romantic comedy called Waiting For Forever, good movie, great looking guy. He's the funny whimsical guy, I love his dark hair and dark eyes and his earring that I don't know if is real but looks good in this movie. I want to use his eyes for a sweet and quiet character in a book and try to describe the way they almost make it look like he's wearing eyeliner(in parts of the movie) and I want to use his character Will's whimsical crazyness for another character. The guy(his character in the movie) wonders around the world juggling for money, he wears pj's 24/7 and he does that really cool twirl the hat before you put it on thing. Obviously I can't use all these attributes or I'm ripping this character off but I want to write a character as fun and whimsical as Will.

(Perfect as The Whimsical Class Clown)

Honorable mention(I'm cheating by adding a sixth when Penelope only did 5) -

Sean Biggerstaff (aka Oliver Wood)
I had the biggest crush on Oliver Wood from the first two Harry Potter movies and it seems wrong not to mention him. Take what you will from the pictures.

Okay that's all for today! Tell me what you think of this list in the comments and tell me who would be on yours!

Swoon on, swoon on.

-Alex Steele

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