Monday, October 27, 2014

Advice For Writers #8: How To Prepare For NaNoWriMo

It's nearly that time of year again, full of stress, overeating and shiny gifts. Not Christmas, mind you. No. It's almost NaNoWriMo! The stress of writing a book in only 1 month! Overeating from all those snacks you're shoving into your face while writing! And the gift of words.

HEY GRACE! Do you want me to handle this one or double team it? Maybe we can do a few tips for NaNo prep and take turns adding them? like this -

No problem. I'm right here. Let's get started with the count. I think we will have a bunch of great tips.

Tip 1: Outline! I can not say this enough but when it comes to NaNo an outline can save your life. Even if you're a person who normally flies by the seat of your pants (as they say), if this is your first NaNo I highly suggest at least a basic outline.

Tip 2: Whenever you feel like procrastinating, go back to your outline. If that doesn't work, then join Alex and me. We'll love to talk about problems. You can also join NaNoWriMo forums, too. They can help your writing flow better.

Tip 3: Be social! I know it can be scary, trust me, but at the very least take part in some words sprints on Twitter! You could meet your best writing friends (*waves to Grace*), and they can be great for moral support during the week 3 slumps.

Tip 4: Have a goal. No, I don't meant that 50,000 words goal. I mean, have a goal. Ask yourself this question: what is your goal? Is it writing a book and sending it to publication? If it is, please follow us. We are just like you. But truly, ask yourself what your goal is. That is one small step towards your goal, whatever it is.

Tip 5: Don't Stress! I know this is nearly impossible, but try not to stress too much. Know the days you're not going to feel like/have time to write, so if you miss a day and fall behind, don't worry about! You'll catch up! And remember it's more important to keep up with your personal goals (whether that be a chapter a day or only writing 25 thousand words) than to keep up with all your friends. Ignore that person on twitter who has already written 60 thousand words, ignore your buddy who's 10 thousand ahead of you, and just WRITE.

Tip 6: Lastly, be confident in your abilities to write. Know that you are improving with each word you type. Know that in the end, if you work hard, you will win.

If you have any other questions or tips to suggest, please email us (email in the About Us page). We will be happy to respond to any emails, comments, or suggestions. This is Penelope Grace, saying goodbye. Don't forget to sign up for NaNoWriMo. They are some of the most awesome folks out there. Happy Writing, guys! Anything else to say, Alex?

If you're still debating whether to NaNo or not, just do it! Also, if you're like me, and have issues on deciding what to write for NaNoWriMo keep a lookout over the next week for my "What To Write For NaNoWriMo" post, and we can figure it out together!

Write on, write on.

-Steele & Grace


  1. These are such great tips! I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year, but they will come in so handy for me in the future! Thank you so much xx
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Aww. I do hope you find these tips useful. And weird.

    2. We really hope you find our tips helpful! =)


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