Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our Journey So Far #4: Alex Steele

Alex Steele here, last week Penelope talked about the last book to her series(The Lost Princess), the week before that I talked about my newest book (Friendzone) and I admit I had difficulties deciding what to tell you guys about next. I finally settled on War Of Queens(which is actually not it's official name, the series is called The Other World Novels and this will probably be the title of the last book, but I've always referred to it as War Of Queens and haven't come up with a better name yet). Anyways this is complicated so let's jump in!

So War Of Queens is not finished. I started it last November for NaNoWriMo and's a hot mess. I'm going to be honest, at the moment it sucks and this isn't me being self deprecating or thinking I'm the worst writer who ever tried to write, this is serious. The premise is good and I still love it, but the story is boring. I thought I had a break through during Camp NaNoWriMo and ended up rewriting half the book(40,000 words) before deciding it still wasn't right.

The Bumps In The Road(wherein I copy Penelope's layout again): Well, plot. I know the plot, I know what this series is about, I know the history and the magic, but I guess in a way I haven't put as much thought into it as I have other books. The thing is I know how the series ends but I apparently don't know how to write the first book. So basically the "bump" is that I am constantly working on developing this world and rewriting bits and pieces here and there because I still haven't figured out the thing that needs to be changed to make it epic.

The Goal: Honestly at the moment I just want to have enough time to sit down and figure this out, I hate have an unfinished book that I can't even think about without feeling sick and guilty for neglecting it!

Plot Bunnies: The whole book has been invaded by the evil cabin burning plot bunnies. They are starting to infest my brain in fact. But I will conquer them all!!! Eventually!

Update On Freindzone: I'm still loving it and not drowning in a pool of self doubt, basically, I am currently still on track. =)

Write on, write on.

-Alex Steele

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