Friday, October 31, 2014

Weekly Muse #9: Epic Fantasy Songs

Alex Steele here this week with your weekly dose of muse! What is Weekly Muse? Well, in case you're a newer follower, Weekly Muse happens once a week and it's where Grace or myself share something that inspires us to write (but really it can inspire you to do anything). Last week, Grace talked about Love Songs, and the week before I talked about Inspirational Writing styles if you want to check those out.

Now, Grace has done two muse posts about music...and I've done none. This is unacceptable! I never stop listening to music; I sleep with my Ipod! I am a music fanatic! How have I not done a post about music that inspires me when I'm writing!?! So this week I'm taking about Epic Fantasy songs.

Five Fantastical Songs

1. River Song by BrunuchVille


This song is just awesome, and it's perfect for a fantasy world. I feel like it's the perfect backdrop to a sad scene, or a battle, you know that part where everything slows down and you see everyone falling, dying. That is what this song reminds me of. It's a really beautiful song.

2. Ice Queen by Within Temptation 

I absolutely love Within Temptation. They are one of my favorite bands, and this is my favorite song. This is an epic fantasy kind of song, in my mind, it's sad and hopeful. When I listen to it, I imagine a girl running through an epic fantasy forest, on the run, possibly scared and trying to out run death. It fits a darker fantasy I think, maybe with an evil queen?

3. A Hero Will Rise by Future World Music

This is instrumental and awesome. I love having this on in the background when I'm working on an intense fantastical scene. 

Also, I couldn't find a good video to link here!

4. Long Live by Taylor Swift

Okay, this I had to pick because there is a story behind this song and me. The first time I heard this song I got the idea for my main series (The Dragon Heir Chronicles), it just came to. Partially because of the line about dragons, but all together, it fits with my epic middle grade fantasy novel perfectly.

5. There's A Place For Us by Carrie Underwood

This song was used in Chronicles Of Narnia Voyage Of The Dawn Treader and I absolutely love this song. It's all about finding your place in the world, whether it be magical and fantastical or not.

Well, that's it for this week! I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found some inspiration? Are there any songs that you listen to that remind you of an epic fantasy world?!?

Write on, write on.

-Alex Steele

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