Monday, November 3, 2014

Advice For Writers #9: How To Properly Procrastinate

Everyone knows that procrastinating is a big part of being a writer, it can get your writing juices flowing and help you focus (kinda?). Either way, it's very important to know the proper way to procrastinate (though really there's no wrong way to do it). Therefore, Grace and I are partnering up for todays Advice For Writers post to bring you the top 6 ways to procrastinate!

1. Read Tumblr blogs. This particular favorite way of procrastinating never fails. Besides, you get to keep up with the latest metas and artwork of your favorite ships! But not Destiel artwork... That fanart has some serious... Passionate angelic embrace and loving. Along with nudity. 

On the bright side, you'll be inspired by all the very beautiful and weird artwork on Tumblr. And yes, the deeper you go into Tumblr, the stranger it gets.

2. Listen to every Fall Out Boy song ever. This is a great way to procrastinate, also, it's fun! If necessary Fall Out Boy can be replaced with any other band you like, though I also suggest Ed Sheeran or Linkin Park. 

3. Make a new Tumblr account. Or any other account on the many websites on the Internet. They are just so many. Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Gmail, Google Plus, Figment, Wattpad, Swoonreads, NaNoWriMo, Goodreads, and many others. Filling out your personal info has never been so fun. 

(Alex Steele: You sound like an advertisement =))

4. Write a short story! If, 1) you can't focus on your main WIP (work in progress), 2) you don't want to edit/revise, or 3) that new first draft is turning out to be more complicated than you thought it would be. Take a break! Write a fun and slightly pointless short story! You're still writing and procrastinating, but you don't have to feel as bad!

5. Do math. Or schoolwork. At least, you'll get done with that aspect of your life. For the strangest reasons, I find math more entertaining than writing sometimes. Math is hard, yes. But it isn't as hard as (typing/writing/crying over/sneering at) your book.

6. Bake! This is my personal favorite because, not only do you get to procrastinate, but you end up with a delicious cake/pie/cookies(etc.) that you can then eat when you feel depressed because you're book isn't writing itself.

(Penelope Grace: Bake me a pie! Love me some pie! I need some pie!)

Alright, guys. And that is it for this post. We'll be back with another post on Wednesday. 

Happy Writing!

-Grace & Steele

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