Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our Journey So Far #11: NaNoWriMo

Alex Steele here to update you on some of my projects! This week I'm mainly going to be talking about my NaNoWriMo project!

This World In Gray: It's coming along pretty nicely. I love how challenging it is, while be kind of easy at the same time.

This book is completely different than anything else I've ever written. I'm not going to lie, it's a sad book. I want it to be a book that has you on the edge of crying at least once, but that when you finish reading it, you're still sad yet also hopeful. That's a hard task to accomplish. It's a lot of work.

There are some big differences in this book compared to others I have written. It's all about grief, the whole plot centers around Lacey who is trying to get over the death of her twin sister. It's about realizing that you don't just get over death. It's heavily focused on inner monologue. It's heavy on metaphors and just an overall feeling of gloom. I write fantasy and happy contemporary, this is way out of my comfort zone and I love it!

The hardest part so far has been when I introduce other characters. It's slightly difficult to keep that overall depressed, the world is pointless, feeling that Lacey has while also having her connect to other characters and live, sometimes even having fun. It's a delicate balance that I love trying to find.

So yeah, NaNo(how weird is it that it's almost over!?!) is going pretty well and I'm loving my story. The best feeling in the world when it comes to writing is the one you get when your book is coming out nearly perfectly how you wanted it. I was unsure of whether I could write this one the way it needed to be written and so far it is coming out great.

Other projects:
Friendzone: It is still up on Swoonreads(I think? The reading period is ending soon or maybe already did?). But I've gotten some good feedback on it from other readers and writers!

Dragon Heir: The elephant in the room. As you may remember this was my first book, and my favorite. It needs to be completely rewritten, I'm switching from 1st person to 3rd person and cutting half the POVs. I have re-outlined it, and I've been working on developing my characters voices. I plan on starting it as soon as I am done with This World In Gray.

How's your journey so far?

Write on, write on.

-Alex Steele

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