Sunday, November 2, 2014

Second Anniversary By Months: The Fact Sheet

Hey guys. It is Penelope with Alex here. Joint post again! Sort of. This time, it is going to be a grand total of thirty facts about both of us. Fifteen facts each, of course. And this will be awesome, though unfortunately, we are referring ourselves in third person. Like Dobby from Harry Potter

Penelope Grace: 

  1. She loves watching tv shows like Castle, Arrow, White Collar, Bones, and Supernatural.
  2. If she couldn't become a writer (which is totally not possible, because she believes it to be impossible), she would probably become an engineer or an accountant. 
  3. Penelope considers herself excellent at math (anything from basic math to Trigonometry). 
  4. She was about to become a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, but never took the test to become one. Don't you dare ask her about the latest tax laws. She isn't the news reports or Congress itself. And most definitely not IRS.
  5. She has a passion for pop music (anything from the eighties to present) with a few exceptions, which include rap songs, hate songs, and just plain weird songs that doesn't make sense. Like "What does the fox say?" by Yvis. 
  6. She is definitely crazier than Alex, but that is obvious. So we'll add that she is eccentric. 
  7. She is an overachiever. 
  8. Penelope has a liking towards inside jokes. But she is most definitely not Batman and neither is Alex. No one but Bruce Wayne can be Batman. Not even Richard Grayson. Terry Mcginnis is an exception to that rule. He is Batman Beyond.
  9. She has no clue what her future will be like. But if she has to predict, she will say that she hopes to be an awesome author by the next ten years. 
  10. Penelope has a very large bookshelf, not including the books on her Kindle. Most of them are stored in boxes while the most beloved ones are right at her fingertips. She reads a lot.
  11. Cinder, Harry Potter, Ink, Percy Jackson, and more are among her most favorite books. (Written by Marissa Meyer, J.K. Rowling, Amanda Sun, and Rick Riordan respectfully). 
  12. 2014 NaNoWriMo will be her second year at a NaNoWriMo. It is also her first year anniversary of writing. Well, typing and writing on a computer. Technically, she has been writing ever since she was twelve.
  13. Her NaNoWriMo name is Phyre Song. Go ahead and add her as your buddy. She will most likely add you back, if she isn't busy with her next book. While you are at it, you can add Alex Steele (whose name is Nobody53). 
  14. She has a very picky taste. 
  15. Her favorite ice cream is strawberry. And she never had coffee before. She is more of a tea person. 
Alex Steele:

  1. Alex Steele doesn't think she's Batman (though she too loves inside jokes), however she believes Dick Grayson aka Nightwing) is better than Batman.
  2. She has a soft spot for romantic comedy's and YA contemporary.
  3. She has a love/hate relationship with commas.
  4. She has a very wide and varied taste in music, loving everything from Katy Perry to Lady Antebellum to Linkin Park to Metallica.
  5. Alex Steele's caffeine intake has increased by at least 70% since she started seriously writing.
  6. Her favorite books include the Percy Jackson series, the Seven Realms series, Hunger Games, and Harry Potter.
  7. Alex is obsessed with books and reading.
  8. She is also obsessed with old Disney Channel movies (like Halloweentown, Now You See It and Zenon).
  9. Alex Steele is an uber nerd who loves Star Wars (Han shot first!), The Big Bang Theory and Batman.
  10. She's been to San Diego Comic-Con twice (best moments of her life).
  11. If she couldn't become a writer (impossible), she would want be either a baker or a vet.
  12. 2014 NaNoWriMo will also be Alex Steele's second NaNoWriMo!
  13. She keeps all her documents (book related) on a flash drive that she wears on a chain around her neck (she's the crazy one!).
  14. She burnt down the cabin during Camp NaNoWriMo (though she retains that she was influenced by Penelope!).
  15. She has two tattoos! A golden snitch from Harry Potter on her right wrist, and a Mockingjay from Hunger Games on her right upper arm. (She hopes to get more before the end of the year!)
This is technically Alex's idea, and I think it is a great one. Fact Sheet! Love it. Find anything interesting about us? Probably about me. Don't ask me about the latest tax laws. Ask (or email or Twitter) me about the next writing subject you want me to cover. Beware that Alex and I might have already covered it. Anything else to add, Alex?

Don't ask about the burning of the cabin. Do ask about us about our next secret project! And tell us if you're interested in more posts like this!

-Steele & Grace

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