Friday, November 28, 2014

Weekly Muse #13: Things That Inspire Me

Alex Steele here for your Weekly Muse! So, this week I thought I'd do something a little bit different. I'm going to list out a few things that have inspired me to write my newest book (my NaNo novel: This World In Gray). Now this is different because it's not just going to be songs and pictures, it's going to include things like feelings and colors... It might be a bit weird, but I'm really excited to share it with you all!

not that weird...

This is a list of things that in one way or another have inspired my novel, whether it inspired a character or the overall feeling.

Greif/Loss. These are two of the biggest aspects of my novel, and it's all about grief. In my short 18 years, I've gone through some pretty heavy losses, and I've read lots of YA books that deal in death and loss. So much of the time, in real life and books, people are always saying how it gets easier, how you learn to move on, in my experience that's true only to a point. I've gone through all these emotions that I am rediscovering for my main character only they are amplified by a hundred for her. I want to show that there are so many different emotions when it comes to dealing with grief and death, and that's the main inspiration for this novel.

The Color Gray. In my mind everything is bright colors, every book has a color. This is really hard to explain, but basically when I think of a certain book I've read I automatically see a color. I've always done this but only recently realized I do this, and so in my mind grief and death has always been gray, an absence of color. To me gray has always seemed more bleak than even black, again it's really hard to explain this but yes, the color gray has greatly inspired this book.

Twins/My Brother/Fred and George (SPOILER: don't read this paragraph if you haven't read/seen the last Harry Potter!). I have always been fascinated by twins. My brother is just over a year older than me and we've always been close. I've always joked that we're the closest you can be without actually being twins. I guess part of me has always wished we were twins. That's what started my twin obsession, and I constantly have to stop myself from having my main characters always be twins. 

I met Fred and George from Harry Potter. They were some of my favorite characters and when Fred died all I could think of is now George has to go the rest of his life without his twin, which must be the worst thing ever. People are always saying how twins are basically the same person, or that they share a soul, they have a special relationship with each other, and I've always thought that as bad as any death and grief is, that somehow has to be worse. That's another big inspiration for my book, in fact it would not exist had I never had that thought.

Waiting For The End To Come by Linkin Park. I actually only realized recently how well this song fits with my book. It's hard to explain but this song basically captures all of my main characters emotions, so whenever I get stuck and am trying to figure out where she(my main character) goes from here I just put this on repeat for hours.

Fall Out Boy. A band helped inspire this book... Basically Fall Out Boy sets off the chain reaction of discovering just who my main character's sister was, and it sets the whole mood for her character. Essentially Fall Out Boy is the main inspiration for this character. 

Okay, I think that's all I have for today, I hope your writing's going well!

What's the weirdest thing that's inspired you when writing? Whether it just inspired you to write or a whole book, I want to know!

write on, write on
-Alex Steele

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