Thursday, December 4, 2014

Best Blogging Buddies Award!

Both Grace and Steele here today to bring you this award post! We were nominated by the awesome Rachel@SecretScribblings for this award and will be doing it together! This is our first award/nomination thing so bare with us!

The rules!
  1. You must make a post to show your award on your main blog. 
  2. You must tag the person who nominated you in your post.
  3. You must nominate all of your best buddies, and those whom you want to become best buddies with, who, to your knowledge, have not been nominated for this award.
  4. You must ask your buddies at least 15 questions in your post.
  5. You must answer all of the questions your buddies ask you on your post.
Okay, so we've mentioned Rachel who tagged us, made the post, now we'll answer the questions! Since there are two of us we will both be answering the questions, as always Grace's answers are in purple, and mine (Steele's) in red!

The questions!

1. What is your favorite book from your childhood?

Grace: Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Those super-long series of awesomeness. Always. 

Steele: Hmm. I really loved Love That Dog by Sharon Creech, I don't really remember much of it but I remember that I would read it over and over again!

2. What is your method for keeping track of your writing ideas?

Steele: Well, I don't really have a method...I write them down in various note books. I have one main "idea book", where I write the most random ones but really it's kind of just whatever I happen to have on hand at the time. Organized chaos and all that. =)

Grace: Excel... Sometimes. I mostly use these notebooks I have lying around. There are so many of them...

3. Have you ever participated in any writing contests (e.g. Nanowrimo, 100/100), and how did you do?

Grace: NaNoWriMo. A bunch of times. This November is my fourth NaNoWriMo. I won every one (so far). 

Steele: Yes! NaNoWriMo 3 times(two November sessions and one camp!). The first time I struggled and just managed to win (with a mess of a first draft), but the second and third time I did pretty dang well if I do say so myself!

4. Tea or coffee (or hot chocolate)?

Steele: Coffee! I could not survive without coffee, I prefer it with both cream and sugar and I love flavored creamers! Too much information? Useless information at the very least. I also love hot chocolate, though, and can't stand hot tea but love plain ice tea!

Grace: Tea. Most certainly. But hot choc isn't bad either. Besides, it is almost Christmas! 

5. Have you ever traveled outside your country? Where?

Grace: Yes. Two countries. I'd been to Vancouver and Richmond in Canada. I've also been to Shanghai and some other cities in China. (Like Steele, I live in the States). 

Steele: Nope. But I've road tripped across the US...still my country but fun non the less!

6. How long have you been blogging? Is this your first blog?

Steele: This blog is still a baby, only a couple months old! But I've been blogging for nearly three years now, and have had three other blogs, one of which has been around for all three years and is still used!

Grace: ^What she said. I've been blogging for about a year and a half, but yeah. Grace & Steele is a big baby with colors of insanity. 

7. Where do you usually do most of your writing?

Grace: Two places. My laptop. Or a notebook. The exact location may vary, but laptop/notebook is always the consistent factor. 

Steele: In my my desk. I'm weird in that I usually do my first draft at my desktop and revisions on my laptop while in bed... =)

8. Of all the characters you've ever written, who is your favorite and why?

Steele: Easy, Cass. Cass was my first character. I came up with her when I was probably 13, and she originally starred in my major Percy Jackson rip off, that I never wrote but spent plenty of time thinking about. She then moved on to star in Dragon Heir, my epic (not yet but it will be) middle grade fantasy series.

Grace: Oh... Now, this one is a hard one. I don't know which character. There are too many of them. 

9. Do you have any pets? Do you want any?

Grace: I have a bunch of dead goldfish. Does that count as pets? 

But I do want a cat, though I have (minor) allergies to those felines. 

Steele: I have two cats! Mojo, who is a black/gray/tan tabby whom I've had for years and is my best friend and writing companion. Then there's Sparky, whom I've had for less time, but equally love and is a bundle of nerves who is scared of everything! I plan on becoming a crazy cat lady so I would like a couple dozen more cats. =)

10. What do you do when you're not writing?

Steele: I read. Bake lots of sweets. Listen to music. And play video games with my brothers!

Grace: Reading. Reading, reading, reading. That is my life (or nonexistent one). 

11.Do you ever get writing inspiration from tv shows/movies?

Grace: Of course. I always admire (or hate) the way tv shows/movies roll out their story/plot, characters, tropes, and other elements of the story. 

Steele: Yeah. Sometimes, a lot of the time if a movie doesn't end how I think it should then I'll think like I'm going to write that kind of book and make it end right. Not as in a ripoff, but say it's a romantic comedy and I think the character should have ended up with her best friend not the bad boy, then I'll think, 'one day I'm going to write a book where the girl ends up with the sweet nerdy guy not the bad boy'. Or something along those very vague lines.

12. Horror or thrillers, or neither of them, ever?

Steele: Both... Books or movies? Either way both. Thrillers a little bit more because they can be creepy and have a real story. Writing wise I haven't written either but I have a thriller/horror that I'm developing the idea for.

Grace: I don't like horror. Horror scares me too much, and I always wake up sweating from the nightmares I get. Thrillers, on the other hand, are much better. And I prefer them.

13. Was there ever a time you thought the movie was actually better than the book?

Grace: Probably Twilight. Then again, both the movie and the book are terrible, so... *shrugs*

Steele: Nope. Maybe Hobbit, but nothing else(that I've seen).

14. What is your favorite holiday/special occasion and why?

Steele: Christmas. Because I love snow, and decorating, and spending time with my family, and presents. That's really it, I just love the way everything changes for Christmas and I really just love spending time with my family and playing board games while watching Christmas movies!

Grace: Christmas. Because I get a bunch of free time to do whatever I want.

15. Would you rather BE a dragon, or HAVE a dragon?

Grace: The only time I want to be a dragon is if I have the ability to shapeshift back into a human. Otherwise, I will have the dragon... Only if it doesn't kill anyone.

Steele: Depends on what kind of dragon I could be, could I be the kind of dragon from my book (Dragon Heir)? Then I'd want to be a dragon, if not then I'd want to have one as a pet or companion.

And now, these age-old questions; Which is better:

16. Pirates or ninjas?

Steele: Ninjas because they have all the cool outfits, black and skin tight. They're epic fighters and sleuths, plus 3 Ninjas used to be my favorite movie ever!

Grace: I like the guyliner. 

So of course, it is going to be pirates. 

17. Ninjas or Jedi?

Grace: I have no idea what a Jedi is. 
Grace: (You'll get over it).

Steele: Jedi. Is this even a question? Jedi are the ultimate badasses and best fighters plus they have the force? And they tend to be really cute while you never see a Ninjas face...I mean priorities people. =)

Our nominations!
So, we will nominate five bloggers whom we are/want to be buddies with now, and no pressure. We completely understand if you don't have time to do the post/you don't like doing this kind of post.

Our Questions:
1. How old were you when you wrote your first book?
2. Do you like yelling?
3. Have you ever written something that made you cry?
4. Are you doing NaNoWriMo?
5. Who is the first character you can remember crushing on?
6. What is your favorite book?
7. Have you ever written a love triangle/would you write one?
8. How many drafts (or books) have you written?
9. Do you snack while writing? What's your favorite thing to snack on while writing?
10. What is your favorite way to procrastinate? 
11. Have you ever had to write something in a novel that you didn't want to (for the sake of the plot/characters)?
12. Can you do math?
13. Where do you get your best ideas (from dreams/when running/when in the shower/etc.)?
14. Would you rather be a wizard or a vampire?
15. Killer unicorns or cute and fluffy unicorns?

Happy Writing, guys!


  1. *squee* I love your answers, they were so fun to read! :D Steele, you share my love of ninjas and cats, and I shall be your friend forever. XD GRACE how do you not know what a jedi is?! I mean, even if you haven't SEEN the Star Wars movies or shows or anything, surely you've HEARD of them?? lol they're basically wise, telepathic warriors with laser swords. They're awesome. XD


    1. Yeah! Christmas! WHOOO! I need more time!

      But yeah. I still haven't watched Star Wars.

    2. Haha, ninjas and cats are like two of the best things ever! We should also team up in teasing and bugging Grace endlessly until she finally watches Star Wars! =)

      Yes, Christmas! Could you tell we're excited? =D

    3. Hey, hey, hey! No one is ganging up on me!

    4. In the words of my brother: I do what I want!

    5. I see.

      But I will beat you all away with a walking stick if I must.


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