Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekly Muse #15: Where To Find Inspiration?

Alex Steele here again with your weekly muse!

Weekly Muse is all about finding inspiration, but what about the times when you just can't? You're just feeling kind of blah. You really want to write, you want to get some work done, you want to get your creative juices flowing, but none of your old standbys work. What do you do? 

Honestly, it's different for everyone and for every day of the week/month/year. Sometimes you do something, let's say take a jog and bam! Inspiration strikes, you write the best words of your life. Then a few weeks pass, you're stuck again, so you take another jog, only this time you got nothing. Now what?

Basically, today I'm going to list out a few things I do that kind of takes my mind off of writing and can help me get inspired. It's true what they say, inspiration can strike at the most inconveniently odd times. You can't simply seek it out. (I think some people say that... maybe?)

1. Showering! Okay, it's weird I know but it works for a lot of people! Something about the repetitiveness of washing your hair or whatever, just makes your mind wander. This is my go to when I'm stuck, just hop in the shower, blast some music and hope for the best!

2. Baking. I love to bake. It's relaxing. Sometimes you just need to get your mind off of writing, measuring out ingredients and mixing up a batch of cookies has been known to help me. Plus, even if you don't get inspired you still end up with a batch of cookies, and you can eat your troubles away!

3. Have fun. Just go and do something you find fun, go out to lunch with some friends, play a video game, read a book, play a board game, hang out with someone besides your computer and cats! When you're having fun there's no time to stop and think, to worry about being stuck in your novel.

4. Watch A Movie/Marathon A TV Series. Again, really just anything to get your mind off writing and being stuck. Sometimes watching your favorite movie or marathoning a new TV series can give you just the inspiration you're looking for. One sentence that a character utters can get your mind moving, your blood pumping, and then: bam! Inspiration.

[Grace: I have one word for y'all. Supernatural.]

5. Go somewhere. Do something. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house. Feel the sun on your face (or the moon if you're a night person), breathe in some fresh air. It doesn't matter what you do, go for a drive, a run, a walk. Take a day trip, go to the mall, just do something!

Basically, just find something relaxing or fun and try to do just that. Relax and have fun!

I hope this helped and please, tell me, what's your favorite thing to do when you get stuck?

write on, write on.

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