Monday, January 5, 2015

Advice For Writers #18: Emotions

Alex Steele here today and things are about to get real and deep, and that sounds the opposite of real and deep.

So, as humans were constantly feeling overrun with emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger, distress, hurt and bone-deep pain. As humans, we can also feel the need to bury those emotions, especially the painful ones, down deep where we don't have to feel them and they can just be ignored.

However, as writers we owe it to ourselves to feel these emotions, as deeply as we can. We need to study and dissect them so that we can recreate them. Does feeling happy make your blood rush, your stomach soar? Is it different when you're just generally happy as opposed to when you're overly happy, what changes can you feel, can you explain?

All these feelings, you need to experience them fully so that you can savor them and relive them when you're writing. No matter what you're writing whether if be high fantasy, dystopian, paranormal, contemporary, romance, one of the most important things is emotion. Every person, every character is feeling something at some point and you need to be able to express that!

Sometimes, we write about emotions we've never felt, love or loss that doesn't compare to ours, pain and hurt for things we've never experienced and we do that by diving down so deep into our characters and stories that it's like we're feeling it too. Again, we have to be able to express that in mere words! 

You have to paint a picture of emotions with words as your only tool...that can seem daunting at times, especially when you think about it. The important thing to remember, I think, is that characters are people too and like us they are always feeling something, even if they don't know what it is, and it's our jobs as their creators to express their emotions for them.

Have you ever found an emotional scene especially hard to write? Tell me about in the comments below! Please?

Write on. Write on.

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