Saturday, January 31, 2015

To Do Lists #1

This is a new monthly feature we're going to be doing at Grace and Steele and we thought we'd give a little introduction first.

The name and idea were taken from the fact that Grace and I are constantly emailing each other with little to do lists for what we want/have to do that day or week or month with everything from reading to sleeping (that's me, I'm the lazy one) to school work to, of course, writing. So, we thought we'd take that and make an update post once a month. We'll share what we did this month and the list for the next month all centered around writing and so on and so forth for all the months!

Anything to add Grace?

Anything other than my list? Well, here we go. To do list of February. (And I'll just include the major ones).

Grace's Update and February To Do List:

  1. Rewrite TLP (The Lost Princess) for the fourth draft, send it for beta reading, and query that thing.
  2. Lightly rewrite TBQ (The Black Queen) and send it for beta reading.
  3. Lightly rewrite WDS (Welcome to the Dark Side) and send it for beta reading.
  4. Rewrite WC (Winter's Call).
Basically, everything needs beta reading. And I can only finish two, at most. It is nearly impossible for me to rewrite all of them in a month. Alex?

Steele's Update and February To Do List:

  1. Finish TWIG (This World In Gray) Rewrites/Edits, send to beta readers.
  2. Start edits for Friendzone, possibly send to beta readers.
  3. Outline A War Of Queens
  4. Read through Hunters Of Artemis and see what needs to be done.
This month I spent all month (except the week I was sick) working TWIG and I'm really happy with how it's coming, so ideally, I'd like to take a break from it in February and come back with fresh eyes and hopefully some input from beta readers to get it ready for querying. Ideally, I think I can get most the things here done this month, as long as I devote myself to it, both Friendzone and Hunters are mostly read throughs and taking notes, which is pretty easy. Outlining though, that's going to take some time because there's some much in the world of War Of Queens that I need to figure out.

Okay, I think we've gone on long enough, especially me. Anything else to say Grace?

I don't think so. But I'll be happy to hear someone else's to-do list for a change... It gets tiring to focus many hours on my writing problems. What is your to-do list, readers?

Get your anxiety out in the comments below!

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