Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekly Muse #21: What To Listen To When Revising

Alex Steele here today with another music-themed muse post. In my mind, music is the most inspiring thing. It can inspire you, make you get up and move, put into words every feeling you've ever had, and so much more. Here on Grace and Steele, we've shared many muse posts about music: love songs, sad songs, fantasy like songs, and more. Today though, I simply want to talk about the kind of songs that I like to listen to while revising.

Some people prefer writing and editing and everything in between in silence. I'm not one of those people, I have to have music playing. Most writers, I'm sure, would agree that revising and editing is a tedious job. It can be boring and mind-numbing and painful and give you all the doubts. Therefore I like fun songs playing in the background, songs I can sing to and have fun with when I need a break, but songs that I've heard so many times I can easily block them out when I get in the zone. These are some of my top picks. 

1. Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy: this is a new favorite and I love it so much. This is a good song to have on my playlist for when I need a break as, the moment it comes on, I have to start singing along to it.

2. All The Small Things by Blink 181: What? I just love this song.

3. On The Steps Of The Palace by Anna Kendrick: Again I just love this song, it's so much fun!

4. When Can I See You Again? by Owl City

5. Go The Distance by Roger Bart: It's good to have some inspiration, therefore, this song is never not on a writing/revision playlist of mine.

6. Backseat Serenade by All Time Low

Tell me, do you listen to music while revising? What song is currently your favorite? And/or, have you ever heard a song that's inspired a scene in one of your novels?

Write on, write on.

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