Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our Journey So Far #22: Steele's February Plans

Alex Steele here today to talk about what I'm working on! So, last time I talked about A War Of Queens which I am currently working on outlining (mostly world building at the moment). At the beginning of January, I talked about how each month I was going to be focusing on one main thing at a time. In January, it was This World In Gray, which, I have since finished my list of revisions on and is now sitting on the side for a bit, going to be beta read soon and then...well we'll see!

For February:

At the moment, I'm working on reading through both Friendzone and Hunters Of Artemis, taking notes and then I will decide what to do next with them!

Shiny New Ideas!

So, I don't know what's been with me recently but it seems like I can't stop thinking and coming up with new ideas, all of which are begging for my attention. At the moment, I'm simply writing them down with small outlines and then setting them aside, because I really want to finish some revisions and other things before starting a whole new book!

So, that's what I'm working on! What about you guys!?

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