Friday, February 6, 2015

Weekly Muse #23: Songs For Darker Fantasy

Alex Steele here with another music-themed muse post, what? It's what Grace and I do best! So, true story, I'm writing this when I should be revising... oops?

Today I'm going to talk about some songs that I think can inspire some nice darker grittier fantasy/paranormal/dystopian. These are just some bada** songs that are a bit darker and I feel like they could inspire some great characters (heroes and anti-heroes) in some darker fantasy.

Also, I feel like I need to place a warning here and that's that some of these songs and videos are mature (not PG 13) so listen to them at your own discretion.
1. Apocalyptic by Halestorm
I am currently obsessed with this song. The beat is what I love the most, and I feel like it could be a backdrop to an awesome anti-hero in some darker fantasy. Plus, this post was might have been inspired by the fact that I wanted to include this song...

Favorite lyrics: um..yeah. This is kinda a "mature" song and I don't feel comfortable actually posting lyrics from it. I love it, but we might have some younger viewers so just listen to it if you want!

2. Inside The Fire by Disturbed 
Yes, I love this song! A lot of Disturbed's stuff would make a good fit and inspiration for some darker paranormal fantasy, some nice supernatural stuff! This song is about suicide, but I really relate it to demons and the like.

Favorite lyrics: 
"Give your soul to me, for eternityRelease your life to begin another time with herEnd your grief with me, there's another wayRelease your life, take your place inside the fire with her"
3. Rebellion by Linkin Park
Um..good for a rebellion? Yes. It is a kind of darker song though, so I think it would be good for those hopeless moments in a book, you know? Where it looks like it's all been for nothing and you're about to lose?

Favorite lyrics: 
"I've seen the bloodI've seen the brokenThe lost and the sights unseenI want a floodI want an oceanTo wash my confusion clean
I can't resolve this empty storyI can't repair the damage done"

4. Battle Born by Five Finger Death Punch
Again, a lot of Five Finger Death Punch's music goes good with some epic battle scenes. I feel like this song is kind of the anthem to a warrior or soldier character.

Favorite lyrics
"Once upon a timeI had an open point of viewBut that was just so long agoBefore I had a clueWas there such a timeWhere I didn't stand-aloneWas there ever a timeAnd how would I of known"

5. Daughters Of Darkness by Halestorm
I love this song because it shows how badass women can be. My favorite thing about this band is Lzzy Hale, who is the lead singer, she does not shy away from singing about things that people may criticize a woman for singing about and she doesn't care at all. This song is both about women showing their power and maybe being a little evil sometimes? I feel like it's perfect for a female character who doesn't play by the rules. She's not a goody goody and if people see her as evil? She doesn't care!

Favorite lyrics:
"Daughters of darknessSisters insaneA little evilGoes a long, long wayWe stand togetherNo we're not afraidWe'll live foreverDaughters of darknessDaughters of darkness"

6. Warrior by Evans Blue

This is kind of perfect for books about people who are trying to break away, from a tyrant king, or an imprisonment or something like that. That's what I think at least.

Favorite lyrics
"I am a warrior not a victim of your painI speak for the curiousInfected by your ways (we stand)I'll stand before you atThe foot of my own grave and speak truth I'm not the warrior for you"

So, that's all today. Tell me, has any song ever inspired you to write? And what song!?

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