Monday, March 2, 2015

6 Month Check In! Grace and Steele Interview Each Other!

So....Grace & Steele is officially 6 months old! And we're both really excited about it! This post is going to be just a little back and forth between Penelope Grace and I, similar to the first post we ever did, and just a little check in on all we've done in the last six months, sound fun?

How have the last six months been? Any disagreements blog-wise, any co-blogger related problems?

Steele: I mean the biggest thing is sometimes not having posts done in advance, but we've never like gotten angry or fought about, really. Besides that, it's all been great! Having blogged by myself for 3+ years, I can say it's a lot more fun having someone else to post with!

Grace: Definitely. What Alex says. Sometimes, I get behind and stuff, because I'm always so busy (the year is the craziest for me, and next year might get even worse).

What's your favorite post you've done?

Grace: All of the Weekly Muse posts about music. Seriously. And the Q&As. 

Steele: I love all the Beautiful People Book meme posts because they're so fun to write but my own original post would have to be either my Five Stages Of Finishing A First Draft or Get Out Of That Comfort Zone

Care to talk about writing?

Steele: Of course, I wrote this question after all!

Grace: Yes. It is fun blogging about it and getting the stress out. Think of the blog like a stress ball. 

What's your favorite thing you've written(nonblogging related) since you started the blog?

Steele: Um, I'm going to have to go with my novel This World In Gray which I wrote in November for NaNoWriMO.

Grace: TBQ (The Black Queen). Among others.

What's your favorite character you've written?

Grace: Basically a well-rounded character. Maybe Liesel Schwarz from TBQ.

Steele: Hmm, since we started blogging that would either have to be David from Friendzone or Oz from This World In Gray, both of which are side characters in their novels and are awesome(in my opinion).

What can we expect from Grace and Steele in the next six months?

Steele: More posts! Hopefully even more great advice and lots of fun, at least we hope you'll find it fun! Surely, something cool for April Fools and maybe even a couple fun collaborate posts(I hope)with both Grace and I.

Grace: What she said.

What are your writing plans for the next six months?

Grace: In short, there is way too many plans. I have 99 plot bunnies and every one of them wants a piece of me.

Steele: To write, write, write, and edit, edit, edit. Basically, work nonstop and call it good. =)

-Grace & Steele

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