Monday, March 30, 2015

Advice For Writers #30: Deciding What To Write Next

Sometimes it's pretty clear what you should write next. Maybe you just finished the first in a series and want to start on the next. Maybe it's a duology and you need to write the second half. Maybe you have an awesome idea for the companion novel to the book you just started querying! Either way, you know right away what you need to be working on next... Sometimes it's not so clear.

Sometimes, you have a notebook full of ideas all calling out to you and you don't know which one to chose. That is what I am going to talk about today.

Recently, I've been having commitment issues. I have all these ideas in my head of books I want to write and then I get kind of afraid that I'm not ready to write them (don't ask me to explain this), and when I get over that I still can't decide if I should write this or that. Or that or this. And about those other ones!?

So, here's a few things to consider when trying to pick out your next project.

1. What do you feel like writing? Do you want to write something fun and happy? Something deep and complex? Do you want to write in your favorite genre or try something completely new?

Example: I've spent a lot of time recently on my very sad YA contemporary This World In Gray so right away I knew I didn't want to write something sad, I wanted to get away from that.

2. Outlining. I highly recommend outlining a couple novels if you can't choose between them. Even just a basic outline will help you determine what you're in the mood to write and whether or not you need to spend more time beforehand developing one of your ideas.

Example: For Camp NaNoWriMo I started outlines for both A War Of Queens and Narcolepsy (a new idea) and found that War Of Queens needs more time to be developed and mostly that I am not going to have the time it needs next month. This is one of my favorite novels and it's going to be super long and super complex and it needs to wait until I have the time to baby it.

3.  Most  importantly, is this something you are excited for? Can you not stop thinking about it? Does it instill that feeling of falling in love? Are you uber excited and counting down the days until you actually start writing it? If yes, then that's the project for you. You need to be excited about what you're writing because if you're not it will show.

Example: Narcolepsy is a horror book and, since before I was serious about wanting to be a writer, I wanted to write horror. That's part of what makes me oh so excited to write it.

That's all today. If you feel like it share something that makes you excited about your current work in progress! Also, is anyone else doing Camp NaNoWriMo next month?

Write on, write on.

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