Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Our Journey So Far #26 Alex Steele and Constantly Learning

Alex Steele here with an update on what I am working on. I thought that today I'd do something a little different. Our Journey So Far is supposed to be where we give you all an update on what we are currently working on. Instead, I'm going to talk about new things I've discovered about myself and my writing recently.
The thing is, as writers we are constantly learning and adapting. With every book we write, we grow and learn. Every time we outline or edit, we redevelop our systems of editing and outlining, adapting it and making it better as we go. Some changes are easy to spot, some not so easy. Here's a few of the things I've learned about myself recently.

1. I actually like editing. I've recently been doing a lot of it and I realize I love it, with my very detailed and extensive first drafts there's not as much work editing as there could be, but mostly it's just that I love seeing it come together. Figuring out the little things that need to be changed, and fixing the plot. I really like it.

2. I have a major self-doubt issue. I've known this, of course, but not how extensive it is. I can doubt myself a lot, at all stages of writing, and even more so when I'm not writing. And it can get bad. It makes me depressed and makes me feel like I don't want to leave my bed, and it's ugly. Unfortunately, this is something I just have to deal with, which can be really hard.

3. I think I may over outline sometimes. Mainly character wise. I've always liked to have a lot of details on my characters but only recently have I realized it's gotten out of hand. I compared my character outlines from my novel Friendzone, which I wrote in September of last year, and my character outlines of This World In Gray, which I wrote in November. Friendzone I had all of one note card on a character, TWIG had a whole document on my computer for it! While I feel it's good to know your characters before you start writing, it's also important to let them grow as you write. This is something I'm working on!

4. I suck at decisions. Basically, any decision but when it comes to writing it's what to write next or "is this ready to queried?" Important questions that I am apparently terrified to answer.

5. I'm terrified to write sometimes. I've mostly been editing recently, which is really really important anyway, but I find I've been slightly terrified to start something new. For some reason, I'm worried that I'll pick a book that I wasn't ready to write, that I didn't outline enough, or that I'll grow bored with. I haven't yet figured out how to master this fear, but if I do, I'll let you know!

And, that's it for today. Let me know in the comments below something you've learned abut yourself or your writing recently. =)

Write on, write on.

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