Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Preparing For Camp NaNoWriMo 2015! What We're Writing!

So, both Penelope Grace and myself are going to be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo in April (which, if you've followed us for a while, isn't a surprise. I mean, we met through Camp NaNo (July) last year and we literally never stop talking about NaNo in general!)! Yay! Cue excitement!

Let's talk goals real fast. Now, one way in which Camp NaNoWriMo is different from regular November NaNo is that you get to customize your goal! I had planned a high goal of 100,000 which I've done twice now reaching it last November and last July however I am going to be moving next month and won't have a ton of time *sad face* I think, I could still do a normal NaNo goal of 50k but I set my goal for 30k cause I really don't know what my schedule will be like.


Yeah, my schedule will be equally unpredictable. There are crazy things I must do. Unbelievably crazy. I set my goal to 65K. Assuming nothing unpredictable happens, I might end April with 100K+. But only, if the days are unpredictable.

Now, the more important issue, what are we writing? We came up with five short questions to answer that and please, if you're participating in NaNo or just started a new project, answer the questions below in the comments or on your own post!

If you make your own post, please link back to us. Don't be shy to post the link into the comments below. Now onto the questions!

What is the current name of your project?

Steele: Narcolepsy

Grace: There is no simple answer. I'm working on three, but I might work on a fourth one. The names of the three I'm working on is "The Bend in the Path," "Inverse," and "What Fourth Wall?" If I have time, I'll work on "About A Queen."

What genre is it and have you written in this genre before?

Grace: This will be complicated. "The Bend in the Path" is YA Contemporary. "Inverse" is most definitely YA Dystopia. "What Fourth Wall?" is a play (yeah, yeah, you are all giving me those weird looks). "About A Queen" is YA Fairy Tale Retelling. 

Steele: Young Adult, Suspense/Horror. And nope, I have not written this before though ever since I was little I've wanted to write a horror book so I'm really excited for it!

What is the synopsis (told in one sentence)?

Steele: Ainsley Stone has narcolepsy, she's accepted that but she's not prepared for her dreams and reality to crash in a way that leaves her bruised and bleeding, she isn't prepared to fight her monsters so literally.

Grace: This is not an easy feat. In "The Bend in the Path," a young girl discovers she has a medical condition that affects her life forever. "Inverse" tells of a twisted society that is inverted in an unimaginable way. "What Fourth Wall?" brings together four artists (a photographer, a novelist, a cartoonist/painter, and a playwright) who strive to create a masterpiece. "About A Queen" tells the tale of Pamola Queen. 

Obviously, I still need to plan on "About A Queen."

What are you most excited for when it comes to this project?

Grace: Finally getting these plot bunnies out of my head. They are nightmares, and I will be glad to unload them after two years of listening to all of their tittering. Seriously. 

Steele: The horror and suspense aspect as well as the dreams. I love books that delve into dreams and their place in our lives, so I'm looking forward to writing about it all.

Tell us about the main characters?

Steele: Ainsley Stone is the main character. She's very driven even though she has no plans beyond getting out of this town that she associates with all of her worst memories. Narcolepsy and Cataplexy are the biggest of her demons but not her only. Cole is the boy she's been in love with for years and who can barely bring himself to meet her gaze after he caused the car accident in which a concussion triggered Ainsley's narcolepsy. Kellin is the new boy who Ainsley dreams about, under a different name, before ever seeing.

Grace: I swear that... Oh, my gosh. Do you really want me to talk about this? I'll try, but... No guarantees. 

"Inverse": I haven't outline this at all. So I can't really tell you anything about the main characters.

"What Fourth Wall?": Sam, who is the painter. She is definitely the odd one of the four. Danny (the playwright) is a worshipper of the classics. Ken (the photographer) is the silent one. His actions speak louder than words. Claire (the novelist) is the typical rebel girl. 

"About A Queen": Pamola Queen is the main character. That is all I have. Seriously. 

Put your thoughts in the comments below. I hope we see you at Camp!

-Grace & Steele

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