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Weekly Muse #27: What Inspires Alex Steele

Alex Steele here again with some Weekly Muse. This week I thought I'd do something I've only done once(here) and that's to pick one of my books and list out a bunch of random things that inspired me to write it(or outline it as it may be). I did it back in November(I think?) with my book This World In Gray, this time though I'm going to be focusing on Goth Girl a book I am currently outlining.

The cool thing about this post is it includes all kinds of inspiration! Not just songs or quotes but pictures and feelings, anything and everything random!

About Goth Girl:
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Main Character: Rylie Jane

"Rylie Jane: High school student, reporter, aspiring author, the kind of person who wants to change the world with her words. And, goth girl? 
Rylie has her whole life planned out, or so she wants the readers of her "Goth Girl" column in the school paper to believe. She's the kind of self-confident person who writes things everyone's too scared to say, who is constantly changing the way she looks to experience new things. Shaved head? Sure. Nose ring? Sure. Small back tattoo? No one's going to see it anyway! 
But Rylie has a secret, one that she keeps even from herself and when her old tormentor, Ian(all-star jock and most popular boy in school) tries to make amends everything in Rylie's life starts spiraling out of control all over again. 
Rylie Jane knows all about loss, but she'd never admit it."
Goth and emo - I am fully against the term "emo." I think it just doesn't make sense. So many people use it as an insult, there's a difference between goth and emo, when you call someone emo you're calling them emotional. I'm sorry, psychopath, is there something wrong with having emotions!? I like to wear a nice amount of eyeliner and I dye my hair black and random colors(like blue, purple, red, orange, green). So, I have been just lightly teased by my brothers and friends that I'm gothic and this is what inspired this book. It inspired this character who's highly opinionated and badass. She views her life as a social experiment in judging, documenting how people treat her and how people change around her when she purposefully changes herself.

Stories - I won't go into a lot of detail but this story deals with suicide and its aftermath as a secondary theme, and it's greatly inspired by two stories I've heard that have kind of stuck with me and influenced this character and her story. It's two very specific stories that made me think a lot about how these things affect people. This novel in particular started as only a character and remembering these stories helped me find the bigger picture to it, helped me to see that this book that I thought was kind of just a fun fluffy book has a deeper side.

Self Confidence: A lot of this book is going to be focusing on self-doubt and confidence. Despite the main character apparent confidence, she has a lot going on and an unquenchable need to be perfect. This is a bit inspired by my own confidence issues, especially when it comes to writing, and my own doubts which can make me feel so anxious and depressed.

Regrets: Everybody has them and the love interest in this has a big one. He didn't bully anyone but he didn't stop his friends from it and it led to some bad stuff happening and while trying to help Rylie he's dealing with his own things. Just the theme of regrets inspired this character into being more than just a jock in my mind.

(Can't Get My) Head Around You by The Offspring: The beat to this song mostly reminds me of this book but also the lyrics kind of shows the way Ian sees and thinks of Rylie. 

"Deep inside your soul there's a hole you don't wanna seeEvery single day what you say makes no sense to meEven though I try I can't get my head around you"

What Were You Expecting by Halestorm Lyrics ❤ liked on Polyvore
Random things from Pinterest: Mostly more lyrics.

I swear this is legit the best song to listen to when your upset and unsure on who you are
"Sorry (Sleeping With Sirens) <3" by shadowphoenix on Polyvore
I hope you had the time of your life because I know I did!!!! Tonight is your last game but it's just the beginning of something bigger!!! #oneproudfootballmama Green Day - Time Of Your Life
Sleeping With Sirens Quotes black and white | Black and White text music quotes words lyrics Kellin Quinn sleeping ...

That's all for today. Please feel free to list out something completely random that's inspired you to write, or inspired a character or theme or full novel, in the comments below!

Write on, write on.

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