Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our Journey So Far #30: Alex Steele and Camp!

Alex Steele here today. So, the first week of Camp NaNoWriMo has come and gone. In many ways the first week is the best, you're still super excited and your project is new and fresh and you're basically having a blast. Week two starts the same way and then you typically hit your first bump in the road, your enthusiasm is waning and you HAVEN'T SLEPT IN FOREVER. Arguably the only week better than the first is the last. All that panic to finish on time, it's oddly addicting and just... intoxicating.

Anyway, what did I do my first week of camp? Let's look at the stats and then I'll go into some more detail on my project!

Total Words Written(as of Tuesday when I made this post): 23,142
My Goal: 30,000
Words Left: 6,858

So, I am currently in the middle of moving which is why I set such a low goal for myself (normal NaNo goal is 50k, last two NaNo's I've written over 100k), but I'm happy with my project so far.

I'm writing Narcolepsy which is a Young Adult Horror novel of sorts, and it's the first time I've written horror and there have been a few little bumps in the road. Mostly, I find myself stopping more in between writing, like I'll write a few paragraphs perfectly easily and then I stop and have sit and think for a few minutes, "Okay, how do I get from here to where this chapter needs to end?". And I do that at least half a dozen times with each chapter. I guess the words aren't flowing quite as naturally as they usually do.

I'm nearing where things start to pick up, the murder is about to happen and then things get crazy so I'm hoping to find more inspiration when I get there. It's not that I'm not inspired or that I don't like how the book is turning out more that it's.. More challenging than I thought it was going to be which, honestly, is kind of a good thing.

At the moment, I'm thinking the book is going to be about 60 thousand words but.. I'm really not sure.

Please feel free to use the comment section and let us know what you are currently working on and how your writing is going!

Write on, write on.

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