Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Our Journey So Far #32: Steele, Alex Steele.

Happy Wednesday! Alex Steele here today for another writing update.

Camp NaNoWriMo is still going on, but we're down to just over a week left. WHAT WILL I DO NEXT? Sadly, camp's been underwhelming for me. I've been really busy with family stuff, and while I have been writing quite a bit, I haven't been able to be as dedicated as I want. Plus, I've been so exhausted from everything else that by the time I write every day it's leaning closer to a chore than fun. Yes, writing is basically my job but I always enjoy doing it! Sadly next month will be more of the same for me but I am already planning on July's Camp and will hopefully enjoy it more.

On to the writing stuff! I've been writing Narcolepsy, a YA book that I was calling horror but is probably closer to psychological thriller. And I've had lots of ups and downs with it honestly. Mainly because I haven't been able to just immerse myself in the book and in writing, because I've been so busy (and that's the last time I mention being busy, okay?). Still I think it's going pretty good, coming together not too badly and everything.

My favorite thing about this story? Characters! They're all pretty different from what I've written before. Kellin, who is the new guy in town and a love interest, is all kinds of complicated with an alter ego evil twin of sorts. That's not as creepy and weird as it sounds. He's sweet and nerdy and has a bad boy streak and, of course, his own set of flaws (being too perfect is a flaw, yes? Kidding, kidding.). Then there's Cole, the main character's best friend who hasn't talked to the main character in three years since they got in a wreck that she caused and ruined his hockey career before it started. Then there's Ainsley, the main character who is kind of crazy which I love. She's insane and knows it. She has some personality issues and is just really fun to write.

It's Camp which means two things: 1. I have virtual "cabin mates". And 2. I set my own goal. My goal was 30k and I reached it on the 11th and I've been writing since then so my current word count for the month is: 65,497. I'm happy with it, but I was planning on challenging myself even more this month which I couldn't do. By now I've down four NaNos so I'm going to exaggerate and call myself a pro but more like...trained. I'm trained in NaNo, I know how to get it done and I have no other real obligations so I'm the kind of person who can write all day long. Last two NaNo's I've surpassed 100k and I was going to do little challenges and stuff for myself but didn't have the time. Still, I think the book is coming together pretty good and overall I'm happy with my progress!

How's your writing been? Care to share anything about your characters? Or just your favorite part of your current WIP? =)

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