Friday, April 3, 2015

Weekly Muse #31: For Romance

So, today I thought I'd try to inspire some romance, some love stories. Love stories tend to be the greatest of all, whether they're pushed to the side of epic fantasy, whether they're front and center in some short regency book, whether they are happily ever after or doomed to be tragic. They instill all the FEELS and honestly, as a reader and writer and huge tomboy, it took me a long time to realize this.

Confession: I'm a romantic at heart. It's the truth, I'm wildly inexperienced and don't mind admitting it, but I am a romantic. I love slow burning romance, I love watching two characters who hate each other fall in love, I love seeing best friends realize their feelings for each other and I am 100% convinced that this will happen to me in real life one day. It's just who I am. So, today I'm giving you a list of my favorite romantic gestures, ones I love seeing in books and love writing and just plain love. A few aren't exactly gestures just cliches, which cliches are cliches for a reason, because they work people!

6. Misses. Okay, not exactly a cliche or a gesture but I love almost kisses. Especially writing them, it's one of my favorite things, it's almost torture but not quite. There is something frustratingly romantic about misses though and it leaves the characters slightly unnerved and confused like, what just happened?

5. Kissing in the rain. Okay, so it's a massive cliche but who hasn't dreamed and fantasized of being kissed in the rain? Now, in books it has to make sense, you can't just throw it in for the sake of a kiss in the rain. It has to be natural but I love it.

4. Mixed tapes. Okay, so mixed tapes went out of a fashion a while ago, but playlists work too! There's something unbelievably romantic about a love interest (guy or girl) spending the time picking out the perfect songs they think you will love. *swoon*

3. Coats. Okay, this is slightly embarrassing and I don't know why I love it or why I think it's embarrassing to admit I love it but whatever. When a guy (or girl, who needs stereotypes?) gives the girl (or guy) their coat. It's so old fashioned almost but so romantic.

(Grace: I think you are thinking coats because of Castiel's trench coat. Now, that thing is gorgeous.) 

2. Love letters. Dude, come on, who doesn't want to get a love letter? And it doesn't even have to be an especially long baring of the soul kind, even just a short note... *sigh*

1. The personal ones. Personalized romantic gestures are the best. Ones that seem crazy to outsiders but are perfect for your characters, ones that make you as the writer, or reader, swoon and wish that you loved ladybugs so that the person you love would catch one and give it to you (or something along those lines).

So, that's it for today. Tell me, have you ever written a love story and do you want to if you haven't?

Write on, write on.

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