Alex Steele

About Alex Steele:
(wayward star)

Alex Steele goes by multiple names, most commonly Shay(her real name) on her book blog(The Story Goes...). She is also horrible at writing bios and had to take cues from Penelope.

Alex Steele is not yet a published author, but she is optimistic! She loves to read, anything YA or Middle Grade, but her favorite genres are Fantasy and Contemporary. She also blogs about books and other things she fangirls over.

Other things she enjoys are; listening to music, baking/cooking, and writing.

Her favorite color is dark blue, she's a grade A procrastinator and has fairly bad grammar which may be a bad thing for an aspiring writer, but what can you do?

Genres Written In. YA: Fantasy, Dystopian, Paranormal, and Contemporary. Middle Grade Fantasy.

Novels Written: About 9

Short Stories: A Handful!

Note to Penelope Grace, fellow author and blogger: You're awesome too! And thanks for letting me copy your bio!

Write on, write on.

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