So, if you want to know more specifics about our progress and our different novels and basically everything we're doing then check out Our Journey So Far posts. However, if you are lazy or just curious to see what we're working on, we'll list everything out here! This will include a list of all our novels and what stage they are in; are we drafting, re-writing, editing, querying? And all that fun stuff!

Steele's WIPS(works in progress):
(note: not all my books/WIPs are listed just because they aren't relevant right now, and of course there are some that I like to call WIPPs... works in pre-progress, meaning I'm outling/messing around with )

The Dragon Heir Chronicles: The Lost Prophet -
Currently: Re-writing
How's it going? Pretty good. This is my baby, my first book, the first in a five book series, so I'm really taking my time with it. I don't want to rush at all.

The Dragon Heir Chronicles: book 2 -

Currently: sitting
How's it going? Well, it's completely written but once I finish re-writing book 1 it too will be re-written.

This World In Gray -
Currently: Sitting/beta reading.
How's it going? Hard to say!

The Olympian Wars: The Hunters Of Artemis -
Currently: Editing!
How's it going? Pretty good, actually. It needs a lot of work, but I'm determined to whip it into shape.

FriendZone -
Currently: Sitting.
How's it going? Awesome. I've edited it twice now, but it needs at least two more read throughs. 

A War Of Queens -
Currently: re-outlining
How's it going? Pretty good so far. I've decided to change it from a series to stand alone, which means all previous work is trash(basically), but I'm more happy with it now!

Grace's WIPS:
Note: I'm doing this a bit differently than Steele's. The format is going to be strange, but I think you will get used to it. Plus, I use code for titles, because I do "top secret" for every title I'm working on. The titles in gray are codes and not the official titles.

Not all works are displayed. Because there are just too many of them, and there are many forgotten. Know that there is a totally of at least 9 works that are either completed (first drafts) or edited.

Status: Editing. 18K written in editing.
As of: November 21, 2014

The Lost Princess-

Status: Editing. Fourth Draft in Progress.
As of: April 13, 2015

The Black Queen-
Status: Editing. Fifth Draft in Progress.
As of: July 19, 2015

The Bend in the Path-
Status: Writing.
As of: April 13, 2015

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