Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our Journey So Far #40: OH, MY GOSH

Alright. I think I need to come out of the hole I'm in and start talking again. I'm sure you are all wondering whether or not I'm dead. Okay, maybe not, because I'm still posting on my Tumblr ( 

How is my manuscript? Ahh...

I'm so busy. Schoolwork, work, work, work, work... "I'm dead" is my personal motto for the last two months. Seriously. And it still is. 

But I have not yet queried TBQ. Seriously. I haven't queried it, and I'm still, still, editing the entire draft. I'm dead tired, but I'm working as usual. Now, the manuscript should be ready by October 15. However, I know I might push that date back (again). If I do push it back, I'll probably end up on October 31 (which is the day I queried TLP, just a year ago). 


Now, to TBQ. TBQ is the acronym for The Black Queen. But after saying the name for a minute or so without repeat, I decided to rename it. So here we go. List of possibilities of titles for my work. 

  1. The Black Queen
  2. In Darkness and Light
  3. Queen of Death
  4. In This Starless Night
  5. In the Starless Night
After playing around with these words, I ended up with In the Starless Night. And that is the title. For sure. The acronym is ISN. Which reminds me of ISBN (International Standard Book Number). 


I have realized that I have errors I may have missed. Will be doing a quick check (again) to make sure there aren't pesky little things hanging around my manuscript. 


My personal deadline is October 15. I'm crossing my own fingers and trying to get everything ready by then. But we'll see. Who knows? I may push the date again. 

So what are you guys doing with your latest draft? (Yes, I'll be doing NaNoWriMo this year.) 

Happy Writing!

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