Penelope Grace

About Penelope Grace:

Penelope Grace is not a published author yet, but she is a writer. In her spare time, she loves to read book, ranging from YA Contemporary to YA Fantasy. She also runs a blog about all the books she recently read. 

Her favorite color is gray and white. She enjoys listening to music while writing books, eating ice cream whenever she reads a good book, and traveling around the world. Penelope loves to quote quotes and read Supernatural fan blogs whenever she has Writer's block.

Genres she already wrote in: YA Fantasy, Science Fiction, Magic, Espionage, Mystery, Angels, and Fairy Tales Retellings.

Let's see what she already finished writing: 

Number of Novels: 12
Number of Short Stories: Countless
Number of Essays: Countless

Penelope Grace would love to share her short stories with readers and fellow authors. Just keep an eye out for them!

Follow her on twitter here (@PeneGrace). NaNoWriMo profile here. Her tumblr is found among the icons at the sidebar. 

And note to Alex Steele, fellow author and blogger: You're awesome. And you are welcome to read this personal biography! 

Happy Writing.

-Penelope Grace (writing in Third Person)

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