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Grace & Steele stands for Penelope Grace and Alex Steele. This is the blog that tells of an adventure of two authors (Penelope and Alex). The goal is to be published. Or at least to get the book out to world. For personal bios on these awesome authors, check out their pages. 

This blog, Grace & Steele, seeks to be exceptional among all the other authors' blogs out there. However, that may not be possible, so they'll settle for "most awesome." 

Posting Schedule:

Monday is "Advice For Writers." There you will find a lot of advice for beginning authors to authors suffering from Writer's block. We'll help you with the crazy plot bunnies, too! Don't worry. They won't go crazier (probably). 

Wednesday is "Our Journey So Far," which tells where each author is at on the journey/adventure to get published. One of us will post every Wednesday. Depending on the outcome of rock, paper, and scissors. Best two out of three. 

Friday may be the day before weekends, but even inspiring authors have to work. We do, however, indulge in finding our muses. We'll compose a list of songs or muses (celebrities pics, paintings, or even television episodes) that inspire us to write. Friday's posts will be called "Weekly Muse." 

Other Questions: 

If you have further questions, you may contact us at graceandsteele@gmail.com. Please don't spam. It is rude.

Last Word:

We started this blog in the search of finding our books published (either traditional or self-publishing). Our mistakes will be aired, and you, readers and fellow authors, can learn from them. Such as to never type with sticky fingers, because the ants will find you and go after you. 

Happy Writing!

-Penelope Grace & Alex Steele

Last Modified: September 3, 2014

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