Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Our Journey So Far #37: I'm Back!

Alright, so here is the scoop: Alex Steele (also known as Shay from The Story Goes...) has left Grace & Steele. I'm not going to be changing the url, and I'm the one who is going to be blogging now. Because I'm the only admin here, fewer posts will be going up each weeks. 

See under the cut for more details...

These previous three weeks I'd been doing some editing on TBQ (The Black Queen). Camp is also coming up, and I completed an outline for About A Queen

First of all, TBQ is in its fourth draft. I've been sending the draft out to five lovely beta readers, all of them who bring their own opinions and edits to the table. Without them, I won't be able to see the holes I need to see. (Also, if you feel like beta reading TBQ, just email me using this address. I'm open to swaps.) 

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to query by the end of July. Still, there is a lot of things to edit, but it is summer! 

What's Left To Edit/Do For TBQ:

  • Obtain beta readers' opinions.
  • Reread TBQ and check for errors (as always). 
  • Correct any known errors. 
  • Do A Massive Printout of TBQ.
  • Major correction, rewrite, editing, bonfire, etc. 
  • Correct ecopy of TBQ. 
  • One last check with beta readers! Correct any last minute errors. (If major error, go back to correction.) 
  • Hopefully: Query. 
That is the schedule. I know it probably won't work out the way I want it to, but anything can happen. 

Second and last of all, About A Queen. I have renamed it to 7 Kills + An Apple, and it is still a retelling of "Snow White." I'll be working on this for Camp NaNoWriMo of July, 2015. 

Here's a quick synopsis:

"The Devil Wears Prada meets White Collar.  
Kalypso Queen, twenty-three years old, is the Vice President of Capello International's subsidiaries, Capello Wine Company and Capello Brewery. Given the position by her own family, she is more than secured in her station. But when a new vintner applies for a job, Kalypso is thrown off-balanced by her suspicions and paranoia.  
Special Agent Brandon Prince is replacing the dead vintner who was clearly murdered. Knowing that Kalypso Queen may be capable of murder, he keeps an eye on her. But when he truly knows her, he begins to doubt his superior's suspicions of Miss Queen.  
Murder. Romance. Deceit. Greed. Who is really behind the death of the previous vintner? And why is there a trail of dead bodies no matter where Kalypso Queen goes?"
It is NA Suspense and Romance. The novel (planned to be 65K) is totally out of my comfort zones, but I hope it will turn out to be good. 

Happy Writing! 

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