Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our Journey So Far #38: Penelope

Wow. It has been a crazy month so far. July shows no signs of stopping, and I swear that everything and everyone has it out for me. Do I have a red-painted target on my back? Nope. 

Yes, it is weird that I'm posting "Our Journey So Far" on a Thursday, but I'm very late. 

I apologize for taking a long time to post. I'm buried under a lot of paperwork and little jobs to do (here and there). 

This is what happened so far in July: 

1. I successfully pass word count in Camp NaNoWriMo weeks ago, and I finished 7 Kills + An Apple a week or so ago. I also posted it on Wattpad (so feel free to look through it and comment on it).

2. I'm writing fanfics, because I'm bored. Shipping WonderBat like there is no tomorrow. (Wonder Woman/Batman.)

3. Currently, I'm editing 280-something pages of TBQ (The Black Queen). I'm 33 percent done, and I seriously can't wait to finish. It is mostly light editing. Fixing grammar errors, cleaning up plot holes, and making sure everything makes sense. That kind of stuff.

I hope I will be able to query TBQ by the end of July. I'm crossing my fingers. 

Happy Writing!

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