Monday, July 27, 2015

Advice For Writers #38: How To Keep Focusing On Your Writing

Ha! It is Penelope again. How many of you all can stay focused on your writing? Well, it is easy to go off and look something up on YouTube. (I can't get enough of Kevin Conroy's singing.) 

Let's admit it. It isn't easy to remain focused and motivated. Everyone has a certain attention span, and others are shorter while some are longer. 

Here we go.

How do I stay focus?

It is hard to stay focus on writing a 60 to 80K novel and not want to faint by the end of the day. In fact, I'm getting dizzy just by thinking about it. 

So how do I concentrate?

1. Plan. Planning and outlining is big for me. I need a semi-specific goal. It could be something like "write 90K for YA Contemporary novel." I find that having a deadline helps and encourages me to keep writing. Then I would space the 90K out. Some days, I'll write more. Other days (busier days, I mean), I'll write less. 

2. Take frequent breaks. Now, this is a good one. Usually, if I don't take breaks, I'll start getting off-topic in my writing. I start rambling and ranting instead of writing what I want to write. 

3. Have fun. Writing should be fun, passionate, and amazing. (Of course, sometimes, it is absolutely wretched, because we put our characters in horrible situations.) If you're not having fun, then time will pass much slower. Thus, writing is more boring than exciting. (That is when you get distracted!) 

So those are a few tips. If you have any others, then please share in the comments below. 

Happy Writing! 


  1. But...I have the most FUN when my characters are in wretched situations! Haha. No, but I do the planning thing too, of course you know. I break it down further though, like I have to write this many words, then I can take a break, then come back and write this many. Recently I've done it this way, where I write three times a day with certain goals like 3k in the morning, 3k in the afternoon, and 3k at night. =) I'm crazy, as you know, Pene.


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