Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our Journey So Far #1: Penelope's Path/Overview

Hey, guys! It is Penelope Grace. This is the first post for Mondays' "Our Journey So Far." This is from my point of view. 

Where I am right now: The Lost Princess is currently being edited and input into the computer. Then I will send it off to my fellow authors (Alex Steele, and some others) before I start editing again (I edit a lot) and then sending it off to the literary agencies. Writing is an amazing process that needs a lot of work, determination, and love. Yes, love. It sound amusing, doesn't it?

My synopsis: This is for The Lost Princess.

"In a faraway time of magical kingdoms, Alexandria Frost serves the Winter Crown. She conducts surveillance, writes/tells reports whenever the star-crossed lovers meet secretly, and steals information from the Queen’s deadliest enemies and trusted allies. She does whatever is necessary to get those jobs done. When the Queen hands her two unusual assignments off the official channels with the help of a possibly hostile Crown Prince of another kingdom, who only knows about one assignment, Alex knows something is wrong.

With the help of the star-crossed lovers and a blood-thirsty red-haired witch, Alex must find the missing princess and unravel a massive conspiracy threatening the peace and order of her beloved kingdom. But when agendas collide and suspicions breaks out, will Alex find the true enemy behind it all before her allies murder each other?"
Sounds awesome? Exciting? Well, a girl can hope.

The genres of this book: The Lost Princess belongs to YA Fantasy, Espionage, Mystery (sort of), and Magic. It is a 75000 word novel. Insane, isn't it? 

I call it TLP for short. The long version? The Lost Princess (New Terra #1)

My goal: I aim for the moon (being published, and being the exception of my dysfunctional family). But I don't mind hanging around the wayward stars (fellow authors like Alex Steele). They are fun, too. 

Now, we just have to see where it will go. However, I have a lot of short stories (prequels) from this particular series. Don't like it? Well, I have more. Of this. And others of different series and trilogies. 

Happy Writing!

-Penelope Grace

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