Friday, September 19, 2014

Weekly Muse #3: Swoonworthy Male Celebs

On the first week, I did songs. Alex Steele listed quotes (and I so love the quote from The Fault in Our Stars). This week, I'm taking over again and listing the celebs from all times. Male celebs. That means I can pull up a youthful pic of some dead celeb. And list it. 

These five guys are in no particular order, but all of them inspire me in some way or another.

1. Sean O'Pry

In this picture, he looks handsome. Actually, that isn't right. He looks handsome in all of his photos. But he does serve as template for some of my characters or their physical traits (e.g. The Ghost's eyes). If you want to see some more skin, I mean, inspiration, you can always search up his name on Google. But let's be truthful. I wouldn't mind seeing him shirtless. Or any of these guys on this list. And readers and fellow authors, they do inspire very well. 

(Perfect as Dark and Intriguing Love Interest)

2. Leonardo Dicaprio

Someone tell me why he can't stay young forever! Titanic was a masterpiece. Even more because of Dicaprio's boyish smiles and little words. If you can't write or think of a leading man (or boy), you can always watch Titanic again. And cry when he dies. 

I didn't use him as a template (not really), but I'm planning to be inspired by his smile. And his nose. And his hair. And everything else. Don't tell me that you haven't thought about that!

(Perfect as First Love)

3. Jared Padalecki

This is really for the fans of Supernatural. Okay, maybe it is more for me. Anyway, Jared Padalecki (when he was younger) always reminded me of that boy next door. Whenever I watch him on Supernatural (of the earlier seasons), I'm practically upset by how his jawline and hair turned out. Other than that, he is a really cute moose. Especially when he said, "I lost my shoe." I can't be the only one when I thought how adorable and sweet he looked when he said that. He is a perfect Muse for a boy next door character. But you have to take a look at his expression on his face. Isn't there something predatory there?

Don't you think I'm totally right? Well, I feel like there is going to be a lot of upset fans out there (Dean girls), so yell at me in your head or the comments section. Otherwise, I'm moving on.

(Perfect as Boy Next Door, Hunter)

4. Matt Bomer

Ah! I should had included a picture of him with his baby blue eyes. I swear. One look into his eyes, and you will be in love. Too bad, he is gay, but he is very gorgeous. It is a pity that all the good-looking ones are either taken or gay. Or cheating. And have you seen a photo of this man shirtless? I'm very jealous of Sara and Kate. 

Anyway, this beast's best features is definitely his eyes and jaw. And hair. Pretty much everything about him is perfect.

(Perfect as Mysterious Guy, Dangerous Guy, Gentleman Thief, Criminal, Handsome Felon, Romantic Guy, Con Artist, Businessman, and other types of characters. What can I say? He is that type of model that can basically fit anywhere)

5. Theo James

He is just one of those silent guys, who rarely speak. Those guys who seem to be loners than social butterflies. And from this Divergent picture, he certainly fits the part. You should check out his gifs, though. They are really hot. Some of them are worth watching forever.

From this picture, I can see that he is thinking about something. And he is probably one frame away from a beautiful smile. 

(Perfect as Knight, Warrior, Lone Wolf)

And done!

If you disagree with any of these guys, tell me in the Comments below. I would love to see all those guys I'd missed. Or debate whether or not Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) should be on this list.

Happy Writing! (And swooning). 

-Penelope Grace

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