Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Journey So Far #3: Penelope Grace

I was reading Alex's Overview. I heard about Swoon Reads before. I considered entering my 2013 November NaNoWriMo, but I felt that my book (Daffodils) would be too confusing for readers. The deadline for 2013 NaNoWriMo novels was September 20, 2013. Too late now. Oh, well. I can always post this story on Wattpad or other social media sites.

Last week, you heard about the first book (The Lost Princess) in the New Terra Series. Now, I'm going to discuss the final book, which may sound strange to many of you. Okay, it is more than strange. It is crazy.

But I'll explain.

The last book in the series, which shall remain unnamed, is not finished it. 26% is completed, and the story is almost finished. Yes, the adventures of Alexandria Frost (not you, Alex) is so close to its heartbreaking ending. Well, I'm aiming for heartbreaking. However, I'll accept "sad" too.

The Bumps in the Road: It should be obvious that I have little troubles and "bumps" here and there. I told you about Writer's block, the true bane of our existence. And I already explained to you about balancing distractions from life. Life milestones (and little gifts) will always distract you. There is nothing you can do about it.

The Goal: The goal remains unchanged. Publishing is the final step for The Lost Princess and this unnamed book, the finale. Right now, this finale will need to be finished by the end of October. Does it sound impossible? Hmm... The trick to writing is to not believe that it is impossible. No, it is possible. 

The finale is probably going to be the standard 75,000 word novel. 20,000 words are already completed, but I have this grave feeling in my stomach that I'm only in the beginning. Cue the dramatic noise!

Plot Bunnies: Oh, yeah. There are a lot of plot bunnies. Let me count them all. One, two, three. Oh, Alex Steele and I are handling the fourth with care. It is just a baby bunny with black and white spots. It will grow up soon. You can probably expect it to have a major growth spurt by the end of 2014. Bunnies sure grow up fast. They run away even faster. I think we are all victims of a runaway bunny. At least three ran away from me. And they looked adorable!

Updates on TLP: I'm almost finished typing it into the computer! Beta readers, here I come!

Happy writing!

-Penelope Grace

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