Monday, October 6, 2014

Advice For Writers #5: Let's Write

Yoohoo. It is Penelope Grace again. It looks like Alex took over Week Four completely. (Grace & Steele's brand new week always starts on Friday. If I had the control over the entire world, the new week starts on Friday).

We all know know writing is hard. We are constantly being plagued by irritating things like Writer's block (the kryptonite), ourselves (self-doubt/low self-confidence), our mothers (who tells us that we should be washing laundry instead of spending long hours typing out plot bunnies), and our (fictional) boyfriends (who always demand more attention to themselves, but we know that they can't have everything they want!). 

Even worse is when we don't know what to write. I remember staring at this blank sheet of paper and not deciding what I should write. And my words stay unwritten. That should be our cue to find our muses. Listen to music (like Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield) and open up the dirty window. Let the light in. 

The beginning is the easiest part, to be honest. It is the start of a bright idea. It is where you scramble for character names, ideas for world-building, and archenemy types. It is the part where everything goes great, the part where you can feel like you can do anything because you are the master of this fictional universe. You play characters around and make magic. Boom!

The middle part starts slowing down. We ask ourselves the question: How? How is this character going to get from Point A to Point B? How does she and he fall in love? How does this magical stroll of endless wonder finally goes back to the main character (or secondary characters)? How does the MIB finally capture this exclusive alien? 

Then there is the end. That is the hardest part. You thought the beginning was hard. But then, you have a strong moment of doubt. How should I end this? In Supernatural, Chuck the Prophet tells the audience that endings are hard, that there will always be angry fans and loose ends. Chuck ended his book, Swan Song, like this: "Then again, things never really end." And that is the truth. In some ways, the ending in just the beginning. Stories are weird. Nothing is ever tied up in a neat little pink bow. And that is the beauty of it. that is why we write. (To set ourselves free and to realize that not everything can be perfect).

So try not to doubt yourself. Try not to believe that you can't write. Try not to believe that you can't tell a story. Don't believe it. I know you can. Everyone knows you can. Because behind every person is a story, whether fantasy or reality. 

Now get that pen out and write me, the readers, and the world a story worth reading about. Take us to another place.

Let's write.

Happy Writing!

-Penelope Grace

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