Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween: What The Heck Happened To Us?

Ohhh... Penelope Grace here. Just woke up from a throbbing headache. In a weird place I don't recognize. And there is this supernatural hunter with a broken arm. After dropping me home, she went off to hunt some ghosts and plot bunnies. 

But I think the worse is this: our blog. Alex's blog. My blog. It is all chaos and insane. I mean, just look at it: 

And I was totally like... What happened? So I started reading and I was all... Oh, my goodness. Pro-Lucifer...? What... How...

Anyway, I'm totally going to put it all back together again. Before those demons... Princess of Thrones or whatever she is... come back. 

Sooo...Alex Steele here. My story isn't as horrific as Grace's. You see I just woke up in my bed, a cat leering over my head, to find out I'd been sleeping all month...

My head is pounding and my mouth dry, the last thing I remember is discussing whether or not Destiel is canon with Grace... four weeks ago!

I'm gonna let Grace handle repairs to the blog as I'm feeling quite nauseous at the moment.

A Halloween Nightmare and Exorcism 

-Grace & Steele

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