Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Our Journey So Far #19: WDS, TLP, TBQ, WC, and Plot Bunnies

What is WDS? TLP? TBQ? 

Hopefully, you all know what a plot bunny is. Here is a screenshot of the Urban Dictionary for your information. It is right below the cut...

I will tell you that I don't write Drarry fanfiction, but I'm plagued by plot bunnies. Constantly. I have this new plot bunny that is going on and on about reincarnation and other stuff. There is this other one (that is plenty cute), but wears a smile that can murder me in my sleep. 

And, I don't joke about plot bunnies. I have like at least five of them, and they can all gang up on me. Murder me in my sleep, yes. Heavens save me. 

Gif is not mine
Now... On to the other acronyms. 
  • WDS is Welcome to the Dark Side (YA Contemporary, High School, Teen, Coming Of Age)
  • TLP is The Lost Princess (YA High Fantasy, YA Fairy Tale Retelling)
  • TBQ is The Black Queen (YA Fantasy, YA Paranormal, YA Fairy Tale Retelling)
  • WC is Winter's Call (YA Fantasy, YA Fairy Tale Retelling, YA Romance)
You will notice how dominant YA Fairy Tale Retelling is for me. However, I'm afraid that TBQ is going to lose that status and TLP is loosely based on "The Snow Queen" and other fairy tales. Out of all of these, WC is the closest thing to a fairytale retelling. Because it actually is one.

"East of the Sun, West of the Moon." That story. 

Anyway, let's get back to what I'd been doing lately. I will make it bold.

Welcome to the Dark Side

Now, that one is YA Contemporary. I'm currently writing that one (6K, so far!), and I'm planning to finish it before the start of February. 

Plus, I feel like I'm just going to publish this on Wattpad or Figment or something like that. 

(Synopsis is not ready yet, because the plot is still developing). 

The Lost Princess

I admit that this one is a nightmare. It is a living, breathing nightmare. Yes, it already went out to be queried, but... I'm going to revise it. One last time. 

The Black Queen

I'm starting on my second draft! Yay! Lots of progress in this one! 

Winter's Call

Completed! I'm going to set this one aside for now!

So how are you all doing in your works in progress? Anyone close to publishing a book? Or querying? Let me know in the comment section.


  1. Very cool! Retellings are awesome. I am determined to read more of them this year. I like the title of WDS. :)

    1. Thank you. But I'm planning to call it "2015" instead. Right now, WDS has a subtitle, which is "We Have Cookies." No joke.


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