Monday, May 18, 2015

Advice For Writers #37: Just Live

How many of you guys are tempted to simply write all day and night? I know I am. I love dunking my head into different places, places where I can spend a million dollars and not get there. 

But this post, this piece of advice, is definitely for you guys (and partially for me). It is tempting to forget the world and keep writing all day. I think Albert Einstein was like that, except he kept on writing formulas instead of words. 

So I like writing. It is an addicting process. You watch the plot unfold, you watch two characters (or more, if you're into love triangles) fall in love, you watch the villain get closer and closer, and you watch the drama intensify like a darn soap opera. 

You have little inside jokes. You have your easter eggs, making references to other novels you'd written. 

But while you have your head (our head) deep into a bunch of ink and words, time keeps going by and we forget about the world. So consider this a wakeup call. 

It isn't good to keep writing and not living. 

Think of it this way: you are forgetting about the world, and you aren't getting any younger. So keep on living and experiencing the world. Live. 

That is my piece of advice for this week.

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