Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our Journey So Far #35: Penelope, Again

Hello, everyone!

So I'm suddenly assaulted by a plot bunny. It isn't wonderful (well, it is), because I'm working on TBQ's rewrite (which I'm so desperate to avoid). 

The name of my novel is... About A Queen.

Please note that this is a working title. I'm still trying to see whether or not this title would work. I'd done this story before, and I gave up on it. Originally, it is supposed to be a retelling of "Snow White." Now, I'm thinking of making it much more loosely based on that tale. 

The changes...

-This might be going into New Adult territory. 
-There is a twist.
-Someone is going to die, but maybe not the evil stepmother. (Oops!) 

The characters...

-Pamola (Or Pamela) Queen: She is the narrator, and she might be about twenty years old (which is a bit older than what I usually work with). Determined and assured of herself, she is the kind of lady no one likes to cross in the middle of the dark alley. 
-Margaret "Peggy" Queen: Narrator's mother, and loves to change her name like how a supermodel changes outfits. The next day, she would be called "Sara." Or "Diana." 

That is what I have so far. So what do you guys think?

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