Friday, May 8, 2015

Weekly Muse #35: Animals

Animals most certainly inspire me in different ways. In literature, they are used as symbolism. Sometimes, they are used as familiars to narrators and especially, characters.

But most animals are drawn from real-life experiences. I based Roosevelt the cat in TBQ on a real-life cat I'd played with in my childhood. Who is also named Roosevelt (a Norwegian Forest Cat). 

So this is going to a list of animals that inspired me and how they inspired me. There is something about animals that simply draw me to them... Something very special.

1. Roosevelt (The Black Queen)
I first met Roosevelt when he was eleven or twelve years old in human years. He died a few years ago (yes, I cried even though he wasn't mine). 
I placed him in TBQ, because I felt like that story needed an animal. He was crucial to the plot (in TBQ), but I'm mixing up the story. I'm still trying to decide where to put him. 

2. An American Crow (A Little Crow)
Crows are most certainly interesting. Commonly symbolized as death, crows caw and they are extremely clever. They are very social animals, and I find them... very fascinating. One day, I might put a crow in my stories. 

3. Punky (none)
Now, this cat is still alive (partially the reason why I'm not putting him in any of my stories). He doesn't like to be picked up, and he doesn't like it whenever I touch his scars. But he is very, very friendly. 

4. Phoebe "Fe-be" (none)
Still alive too. (I should also mention that American Crow friend I have is still alive, too.) With black and white fur, she purrs whenever you tickle her at the side, and I want to put her interesting personality in a story.

5. Isabella (none)
Now, here is a scared cat. She is very frightened of me. Very frightened. 

So what is your animal inspiration? 

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