Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekly Muse #10: Lovey Dovey Couples

Don't we all love those lovebirds? Eh... Not always, but you are sometimes moved by the very power of their love and their... Ahh... I'm getting into it now. Okay, I'll start listing, alright?

In no particular order, here goes the five fictional couples... With the most powerful and amazing love. Yes, with amazing love stories.

1. Jack Dawson and Rose from Titanic

I bet this is one the first couple any 90s kid would recognize. Jack and Rose. The modern day retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Well, sort of. Cinderella is also similar to this, however... This love story ended pretty badly. 

Young love. First love. And a tragic ending. Who doesn't like it? Oh, wait... That guy who hates a romantic story or that person who dislikes Romeo and Juliet.

But I'll say that Jack Dawson and Rose are the inspiration of many love stories. It is that popular. And famous. Don't forget about that little car scene with foggy windows. And all those forces pulling these two lovebirds apart.

2. Tribias from Divergent

Beatrice and Tobias. Tris and Four. Whatever you call them. They are the newest and most tragic couple of this decade. Well, according to me. But they are darn tragic in the end. We all cried in the end and cursed Veronica Roth for writing that ending. If you didn't, then you aren't human.

They have the problems of every couple. Trust issues. Love issues. Death. Life. And then they have all those secrets they keep from each other. They are flawed, and they have so many issues.

But they are amazing, more amazing when together than apart. Don't you agree? I had definitely thought of writing fanfiction on that. It was... so sad.

3. Caskett from Castle

These two. They are definitely my favorites. Their flirty banter always get me, and Castle always gets owned in the end. I mean... There are so many of them on Youtube, and their chemistry is great.

They went through so much together. As of the most recent season, it looks like they are going through some more stuff. It looks like someone is out to get them. And I'm still frustrated over the fact that they aren't married yet! 

Just freakin' run to Las Vegas and do that one time thing. That is the fastest way to get married.

4. Percabeth from the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and its sequel series, The Heroes of Olympus

Percabeth! Who doesn't like that one? I'm absolutely sure that everyone ships them. Together, they are powerful and unbeatable. Plus, they have that family rivalry... But still... They make a great couple.

Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl. They always had those sweet moments in the beginning, and all those little tiny hints just killed us! 

I don't just ship them. I love them together. They have great dialogue, rivaling Caskett's. 

5. Profound Bond from Supernatural

Oh, just kill me. I know a lot of people would, because I ship this ship. And I will most certainly go down with this ship, if it ever goes down. Dean and Castiel definitely have those staring contests, though we all know there is some chemistry there. I swear, these two are more romantic than all the couples above. 

You can check out Tumblr (and Youtube) if you need some proof. But it is so obvious. Those two are in l... o... v... e... And for sure, Castiel is in love with Dean Winchester.

But is Dean in love with him? (Yes, and everyone on the cast ships it too). 

(Alex Steele: I knew Destiel would make this list!)

Alright, that is enough shipping for now. These are all those couples that are so... inspirational. Their love in profound and... tear-worthy.

Happy Writing!

-Penelope Grace

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