Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Our Journey So Far #10: A Few Queries

Oh... Wow. Last week, I  posted about all the queries I sent to literary agencies. Well, not all of them. I sent a few more after that crazy Halloween spree. (For The Lost Princess)

But this is what happened so far.


Wow. It is just wow. So the first reply I got was a partial request. Yay! I was so happy (like dancing in the bathroom and doing karate punches happy). It was like... Eeeeeee! Fangirling! Imagine it! 

Good enough.
But yeah, Dean. Something like that. Something really like that. Partial request! Ahhh... So nervous and so awesome! And I'm so ranting right now. Because this is awesome and I just want to cry with happiness, call my mother (definitely, but she can't know, because she is only going criticize me), and scream at everyone. 

And then I got my first rejection... Ohh... That is such a burn. And it is a form rejection. Ouch. They hurt my feelings! 

Although this is disturbing to a point.


Nine more replies to wait for! Ahhhhh! (I only bugged about 11 agents. I'm obviously not working very hard). 


The elephant in the room. NaNoWriMo (The Black Queen) is doing pretty good actually. Check out my Tumblr for recent updates.

Happy Writing!

-Penelope Grace

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