Monday, April 20, 2015

Advice For Writers #33: Panic Attacks

I have one of the worst panic attacks of all times. Well, maybe not, but to me, it certainly feels like I'm suffering through a 6.0 earthquake while trying to do tap dancing. 

So how to deal with panic attacks?

Whenever I get a panic attack, I go crazy. I sweat profoundly, and I get a really, really bad dizziness in my head. 

I know, I know. This isn't exactly the right place to write about panic attacks, but I decide that I might as well share information on how to relieve the nerves. 

Things to do when you feel like your nerves are killing you:

1. Take a walk. Passion Pit has a song on that. You just take a walk, and suddenly, things don't seem so bad anymore.

2. Sing a song. Seriously. Sing a song. It doesn't really hurt, and if you bust out Mary Poppins, I won't bat an eye. 

3. Sleep. Nothing like a good nap.

4. Write. Write in your diary. But the most important thing is to get away from that stressful thing. That is the most important part. Got it? 

5. Ice cream. If all else fails, ice cream is the perfect backup plan. Always.

What are your remedies for panic attacks?

Happy Writing!

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