Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our Journey So Far #31: Penelope Grace

Camp is still going on strong. You haven't joined? That is okay. There is still time to join. Or... you can listen to me moan and groan about how much I have to do this April? 

Or both! 

So, I finished "Inverse" on April 11 at 66,209 words. "Inverse" is, as you all know, a novel about a twisted society where women run the world. Sort of dystopian, but the main character doesn't do anything about the situation he is in (unlike many other dystopian books). 

Anyway, now that I'm finished with "Inverse," I'm working on the next thing. I have three things to do this April. "Inverse" is done. Next is "What Fourth Wall?" "What Fourth Wall?" is a play, so it is much different than what I'm used to. I'm sort of making it up on the fly, learning as I write. All while using Macbeth as a guide. 

Right now, for "What Fourth Wall?" I have 10,108 words written. It is crazy, and I can't believe I'd made it this far, but yay! Wish me luck.

Also, if I'm done with the play, I'm going back to a novel. Specifically, a novel that is a retelling of "Snow White." So this should be really fun! 

Did I mention that I'm also writing a book of poetry? (Free verse, mostly.) I haven't done a thing for that. 

So this is just an update. (Also, speaking of updates, I'm thinking of writing TBQ's third draft. Second revision. I'm still going to be changing plot, adding characters, removing characters, and etc.) 

So how is your writing?

Happy Writing! 


  1. Wow you actually finished a novel mid-April? :) Great job! When did you start writing Inverse, by the way? My novel is currently 11k words right now, and I'm having awful writer's block about it. I don't think I have enough time to get it to 50k, though :/ Good luck with the ones you'll be writing next :D

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. I started writing Inverse on April 1.

      A writer's block? That is horrible. I written TBQ's first few thousand (for the revision), and I'm stuck too! I'm not sure what to write, and if I can keep the character voice distinctive enough. Well, good luck to you too!



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