Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our Journey So Far #33: Penelope Grace

So, it is a busy week. Camp is closing up, and there are only a few days left! Yay, I hope you all finished your novels or are close to being finished with it.

I already finished a lot of work this April, and it is pretty amazing. Already, I have written a play, a novel, a rewrite of a novel. I gave up on a rewrite of TBQ, unfortunately, because I don't have much spark for that. 

Still, it is pretty exciting. Yay!

Let's see the stats so far. 

Inverse: 66,209
What Fourth Wall?: 20,115
The Black Queen (Draft 3): 4,184
Of Sea and Oceans: 16,412 (+ 911 words I'd written a long, long time ago)
The Lost Princess (Draft 4/5): 62,142
The Bend in the Path: Some Unknown Amount Because It Is On Paper

Grand Finale (Of Yesterday, April 28, 2015, because this post is scheduled): 169,062

Interesting, the amount doesn't match up with my offical Camp NaNoWriMo number. Ouch.

So how are you doing?

Happy Writing!

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