Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our Journey So Far #14: Penelope Grace

Wow. I had an insane week. And I'm still trying to rest. I had a little crazy thing (syncope aka fainting and possible head damage) a few days ago (which is like December 1, but it seems to be a while back since then because we are always scheduling our posts 2+ weeks ahead of time). So for me, today is December the Fourth. While you all are somewhere in the future. 

So I hoped you all had a wonderful time with NaNoWriMo and enjoyed my first chapter (and unedited) excerpt of The Black Queen. (The link is in the "Our Works" page). 

Now I think everything is very much the same. Almost. I got another rejection letter for The Lost Princess. Form rejection. Ouch, but there is about seven more replies to be seen by me. 

And here is a quick rundown of the most recent works of mine. Other than TLP.

The Black Queen

Handed out first chapter to all of you guys. Will begin editing by the end of the year. Hopefully will be awesome enough to query by 2015 summer. 

Winter's Call:

Still need to be worked on. About 9K or something to go.

And that is pretty much it.

So how are you guys doing? Leave your comments in the Comment section below. You all know the drill.

Happy Writing!

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