Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekly Muse #14: Let's Dance

Penelope Grace again. I want to talk about the songs that inspire you to move. I know that it is a bit weird, because I'm talking about songs that inspire you to move around rather than songs that inspire you to do some writing. 

But dancing always helps shake off the Writer's block, so yes, I'm going here. 

Some songs. I know that there are some songs that you probably won't like, because it might sound more chaotic and mad than the eighties, but these are the ones I like. And don't insult my taste!

1. "Take Me Home" by Cash Cash

This is a favorite of mine. It sounds like one of those songs you'll hear at those bars, but this one really makes me get up and move. 

And dance a lot.

Which we know is essential to getting over Writer's Block and shaking off the Thanksgiving potbelly. 

Oh, yes. I know that we all have those little extra fat from that crazy week/dinner. Anyone else drank one too many glasses of juice?

Probably me. 

2. "Love Me" by Charity Vance

Most likely, you've never heard of her. But I will tell you that it is similar to "Take Me Home." Which I always think of whenever I heard this song.

The beat and lyrics are different, but it does sound a bit similar. Anyway, this song can really get you up and moving. And shaking off that potbelly. 

Gosh, I have to stop talking about potbelly, don't I? The obsession is getting really creepy...

Very much so, I'm afraid.

3. "Beggin For Thread" by BANKS

I heard this song on the radio (Kroq FM, if you are curious). I like this one, and I can't really figure out why...

If you can explain my love for this song, please put it in the comments below. Otherwise, just check out this song.

And dance! 

Dance a lot!

4. "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit

The instrumental part of the song is my favorite. The beginning... Well, I just love the beginning. I can't tell you how much I like to dance to this song. Even write to this song. 

Okay, that sounds a bit weird. The writing part, I mean. How about this: I like to write while listening to that song. Because...

Oh, never mind. Let's get to number five, okay?

5. "I Bet My Life" by Imagine Dragons

A new song, I believe. Well, not so new now, but I can tell you that this one is awesome. I'm absolutely in love with it.

Because it is so darn good.

And yes, there might be shrieking Elmos in the background music. 

(Don't ask any questions). 

Well, this brings this post to an end. What are some of your favorite songs? Write your answers in the comment section below, please!

Happy Writing!

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