Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our Journey So Far #25: Penelope Grace

So what am I up to now? No. Not pranks. That is next month. (So I'm giving you all a head's up). What am I doing? And what will I be doing this week (and next week)?

Do you like lists? Well, I want to make a list. So here we go. Let's see...

1. The Black Queen: I'm halfway done with this one! I think I will rewrite it completely by the end of March! So yay! So this will be the second draft. Still not ready to query, though! So... Wow! Just slow and careful work.

2. Unnamed: Now this one is a short story. There isn't much, but I will tell you that it fits in the Crime section. Very short story, so... It will be fun. This one is done, but I will have to edit it!

3. Another short story. More like a plot bunny. Haven't written it yet.

And that is it. For this month. Short list, huh? But there is craziness. Seriously. TBQ is like 300 pages long. Number 2 is nine pages (so it might be a week's worth of going over them). And the other short story... Ahh... So much work to do!

How is your week?

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