Saturday, March 28, 2015

Weekly Muse #30: Let's Talk TV

Different works of arts require different types of interpretations. In books, you can see a dragon in hundreds of different ways. We have those... adorable little dragons from YA Paranormal novels, "The Game of Thrones" dragons, and that dragon from the Book of Revelations. 

Songs are sort of the same way. Along with poetry. There are hundreds of ways to see things. You can imagine different types of outfits a certain character could wear (headcanons), and they would probably be accepted by the fandom. 

TV and movies (which I'm not focusing on) leaves a little less to the imagination. Instead of having a paragraph-long description of Ryan Gosling, we can have a shirtless Ryan Gosling. In the rain (well, maybe not, but hey... We can all dream). 

But a paragraph-long description is good too. (Though we all know Ryan Gosling needs more than a paragraph.) 

So I'm making a list (of 5) that inspired creatures, magic, objects, and settings in my novels. Here we go...

1. Once Upon a Time (With Lana Parrilla, Jennifer Morrison)
What I think: Let's face it. The CGI is terrible. But do you know what isn't terrible? (Or at least, not as terrible as the rest of the stuff.) The magic. 
Inspired: Magic.

2. Supernatural (With Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins)
What I think: Awesome show. A very, very long show with a long list of episodes to binge-watch. But you have to admit that the show has guts. 
Inspired: Characters who are in the closet. (I'm looking at you, Dean.)

3. The Flash (With Grant Gustin and a bunch of people whose names I can't remember other than Grant Gustin)
What I think: Awesome. Just awesome.
Inspired: Geekiness (and a whole lot of references to a bunch of things normal people won't get). (I'm also considering writing The Flash fanfiction, but I have no time for that.) 

4. Revenge (With Emily VanCamp, Joshua Bowman who I heard is not on Revenge anymore)
What I think: Soap opera is complicated and crazy. 
Inspired: My motto of "Don't write soap opera." 

5. Burn Notice (With... I have no idea who the actors are. But that main guy is named Michael Western)
What I think: Spies are cool. And they are dangerous. 
Inspired: Me writing spy novels.

So what do you watch?

Happy Writing!

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